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Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Gold for the Dragon Boat

Hi guys, I still have cough since last week but today I feel much better. I am glad I have lot of rest during this week, only a day for coming to my work but everyday I have no absent to do my translation and my online tasks. Slowly but regularly. So, everything is just fine.

I also would like to thank you for my family and friends in Indonesia who had supported me in their prayers for my son who hospitalized many days in hospital and several days ago he had come home already. The miracle came as we showed our faith in HIM. Thank you. I will keep in touch with you via FB when I really feel good to continue my communication with all of you via FB.

This afternoon when I was doing my work at KabarIndonesia, I edited and published a good news from a citizen reporter who reported the Dragon Boat from Indonesia won the first place in Asean Games XVI in China. They reached 1000 meters for only 3 minutes 32.016 seconds.

Then I searched more the pictures and video online and got several interesting pictures and an video I would like to share them below. For the detail news in English you can visit VivaNews.


What am I doing right now?
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Translating Chapter 22.

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