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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A THOUGHT: Mary Had A Little Lamb

This morning I got an email forwarded from a friend, Tresia. It was interesting and had deep thought for christianity life as I attach its picture below with its message. Let me know what do you think.
When the first time I came to US and knew that education in this country doesn't give the religion lesson to the students, I asked to my future husband (my husband now), why? I knew most people in this country are christian and I was interested to know the answer. He said that US government devided the secular and religion educations. "Oh . . ." that was only my response without any comment.

Several years living in US and finally I had my first baby in 2004. Three years later I was glad finding a private christian pre-school. With a small tuition fee they offered, we both dealed to bring our daughter to that school. In two years I saw many improvement in my daughter's christianity life. She prayed and remembered many bible verses as I knew they used to pray before starting the class. That was awesome for 3-4 years old child doing it. She had good manner and never mentioned the unpropriate words.

Last year when we brought her to a public school (Kindergrten class), in several months I saw something different on her. She begun mentioning the unpropriate words and I asked where those words came from. She was quiet--didn't answer my question--and never mentioned those words again after my husband and I warned her. But who knew, she went to school and studied with around +20 students and with only 1 teacher. And then I signed to involve in her class as a volunteer, teaching for the kid's writing class. From there, I finally knew how the situation of her class--very different with a private (christian) school she ever went.

In christmas last year, she told me that one of her friends didn't know about Jesus at all but his family celebrated Christmas even he was excited that Christmas would come soon. What a sad situation!!! I thought probably every teacher in their school also never told them what Christmas was about and they just celebrated the Christmas without trying to teach them whom the person they were celebrating for.

Thanks God! Since the first time she went to school (three years old) my eyes kept on her and never forgot to always ask her saying prayer before going to school or other places and before going to sleep or having dinner/lunch together with whole family members. This seems small things but I believe it will give big influence in her life for the future. If in the school she doesn't get any religion atmosphere, then church and family will play the role of this case. I thank God knowing I came from a strong christian family in Indonesia (and got religion lesson from ES to college as a main lesson) and from there I can teach my children to always remember every blessing they get from HIM with a small action--praying. It doesn't mean I like to pray or not, but praying should be an atmosphere in every christian life and family.

Please, share your thought here by writing a comment in this post.

Thank you and GBU!!!

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Tresia 3:47 PM  


I'm glad we have the same feeling about it, all we can do is wish & pray they will bring God into the public school again,by the way I enjoy your blog & writing, may blessing upon you & your family always :D


Fida Abbott 12:42 AM  

It's a surprise comment from you.
Thank you and I'm glad to know that you enjoy reading my posts.



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