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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My 53rd Award: The Versatile Blogger Award

Last two weeks I got a surprise message from Toto. He has chosen me as one of five lucky bloggers he knows to get The Versatile Blogger Award. He wrote on his post that he chose us because he thought we were good in blogging and sharing.

Well, I didn't know that he has followed this blog and read my posts. I felt grateful and blessed to accept this award as my 53rd award after more than 4 years in blogging. Thank you so much, Toto, and I appreciate for your value. I will pass this award to some bloggers that I've just discovered and thought they are fabulous. They are: A Book Inside, A Writer's Muse, Seed Thoughts, Viviana-Journey and Theivaa's Journey. Congratulations for all of you!!!

For those I have passed on this award, here's what you should do next:
- Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
- PASS Along to 5 Bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.
- Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.

As a blogger who has received The Versatile Blogger Award, I should share 7 things about myself. Here, they are:

1. I'm a simple and friendly person
2. I never have a big dream but I have big enthusiasm to pursue my goals
3. I'm a lovely person and love children so much
4. I like being creative in the limited condition and situation (I think that is I mention the real creativity)
5. I like to have so many friends and networks (*)


What am I doing right now?
Follow me at Twitter
Translating Chapter 18.

about 1 minute ago from web


A Book Inside 1:14 PM  

Thank you Fida!

bluedreamer27 2:50 PM  

wow it is so sweet of you to count all the awards you got for your blog...
you really deserve this versatile award my friend

Fida Abbott 3:15 PM  

A Book Inside: You're very welcome.

Fida Abbott 3:16 PM  

BD, I just counted when I got this award and was surprised how many blogger awards I have gotten, ha, ha ...

viviana 10:14 PM  

Hi Fida, Thanks for the award. You always surprise people...Now, I get to know about you more..

ToTo Antonio 7:05 AM  

Hi Fida,

Yes i am a frequent visitor here. I always followed you. A fan!

Thanks for the nice points...

Fida Abbott 12:29 PM  

Viviana, You're welcome. I'm glad you like it.

Happy Blogging.

Fida Abbott 12:31 PM  

Ho Toto,

What a second surprise reading your confession: A FAN of THIS BLOG! (WOHOO!!!) I will add you at my supporter link.

Thanks so much for your appreciation and GBU!!!

Happy Blogging.

Mariuca 4:03 PM  

Congrats on the lovely award sweetie, here's to many more! :)

Fida Abbott 1:01 PM  

Hello Mariuca,
Thanks for your attention.

Happy Blogging!

Theivanai Gnanantham 11:22 AM  

Thank Fida for the award. I feel so honoured to receive this award.

Fida Abbott 11:56 AM  

You're welcome, Theiv.

Happy blogging!


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