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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Book for Her Majesty vs A Book for Mr. President

Publishers Weekly E-newsletter today has Picture of the Day entitled A Book for Her Majesty as you see it on the right side of this post with its note:

When Queen Elizabeth visited Toronto last month, children's novelist Eli Stutz managed to hand her a copy of his debut novel, Pickle Impossible, which Bloomsbury USA published in May. Stutz waited with the crowds at Queen's Park, and as she passed by, he held out his book, saying, "Your majesty, I’d like to present you with my first book. I hope it makes you laugh; you can read it on your flight." The Queen smiled, took the book in her hand and moved along her way.

I also smiled when reading it. It gave me a thought if I was like her, who would the special and important person be luckly to get my novel, Enthusiasm? I was thinking . . . hmm . . . I was going to give my novel to US President, Barack Obama. I have a story in my novel about his people he should know. Probably I would say, "Mr. President, I’d like to present you with my first novel. I hope you will enjoy and feel entertained with an inspiring story of a new writer who comes from Indonesia; you can read it on your flight." (ha, ha . . .!!!)


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