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Thursday, July 15, 2010

VIDEO: Signing in the Waldenbooks by Parnell Hall

Good morning all,

Next two days, on Saturday, July 17, you're invited to my first book signing at Baxter's Black Sheep Saloon in Berwyn, PA if you live not far from that place. My book signing starts at 4.30 pm and will end at 5.30 pm. I will give 10% discount for my book and e-book giveaway from my sponsor (Resources for Moms and Kids), it has door prize and o.50 cents of every purchased book will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Some neighbors, friends at work and church told me that they will come to this event. This is not big event so I didn't put any flyers for public but special for family and friends. Everybody is welcome to come to my first book signing. For the next book signings will be special for public and family and friends are invited, too. Please, stay tune for the next info.

I think this gonna be fun. BBSS is very nice place to rest and enjoy your day with delicious food and drink. With a nice bar they have, it makes this place perfect as a saloon.

Talking about having book signing outside bookstore is interesting. Why? Do you know from a research, the result shows around 35 % of Americans buy books from bookstores? This is fantastic number. It means 65% of Americans buy books at online bookstores, retail stores, exhibits, book fair, book signing, etc. I also read another related news from Publisher Weekly yesterday:

"Bookstore sales fell for the second consecutive month in May, with revenue in the month down 2.6%, to $1.09 billion, according to estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Bookstore sales for the first five months of 2010 were down slightly, falling 0.4%, to $6.33 billion. Bookstore sales, faced with easy comparisons to a soft early 2009, nonetheless have been weak in 2010 following a relatively strong 2.7% increase in January. Sales for the entire retail segment rose 8.5% in May and 6.8% for the first five months of 2010."

By the way, I also got an interesting video from You Tube. I like this video so much. It gives me a big smile everytime I watch it and a deep thought for me and you as a new author if we are going to do book signing.

What do you think after watching that video? (Please, let me know by writing a comment in this post)

Hmm . . . I think:
1. You should be smart to prepare your book signing. It means you should think other ways what make the people interesting to come to your book signing.
2. Think about other places besides bookstores to do book signing.
3. Marketing, marketing!! Don't forget about this!!!
4. Freebies make your book signing more interesting and can attract other people to come although you have spend more money about this. Remember!! You should give more than you get!!! The people who come to your book signing are your future prospects for yout next published books. So spending more money is good as the investment for your book success.
5. If you're a new author, never ever have book signing event with other famous author!! You will be like a funny guy accompanying him/her by sitting next to him/her meanwhile there is nobody come to you to have your signing on your book!
6. Let your family and friends know about your book signing by sending them invitation cards or email. If you have blog, this will be great to post your events.
7. What's next??? You should come to my book signing and you will see the differences between mine and that video!!!

"One person comes to your book signing is a gold!!! Two persons come to your book signing are golds!!! Three persons come to your book signing are golds!!! Many persons come to your book signing, you will be on the way to be the next big writer!!!" (Fida Abbott)

See you on Saturday at Baxter's Black Sheep Saloon, 660 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn, PA, 19312, Phone: 484-318-7211, at 4.30-5.30 pm.

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