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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Ten Practical Ways to Increase Your Abundance (1)

First of all, Happy Independence Day to all family and friends in US!!!

I don't have special event during this holiday time but I'm sure I will cook special brownies and lunch to celebrate it. Tonight my husband and my little daughter are gonna be wild to have fireworks in back yard and I will be there to enjoy it together.

As a special gift to celebrate this event, I will start to post at this blog about TEN PRACTICAL WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR ABUNDANCE (source: Dr. Robert Holden, O Magazine).

1. Self: I love and accept myself.

First, you should take the abundance test sponsored by Dr. Robert Holden)

Your self-acceptance score sets your "personal allowance" for how much happiness, success and love is possible and how much is "too good to be true." Your allowance determines how much good fortune you can identify with before you start telling yourself "good things like this don't happen to people like me." As your self-acceptance score increases, the more good fortune you will allow yourself to notice, accept and enjoy.

When your self-acceptance score is low, you tend to forget that abundance is natural, and you start to believe that good fortune has to be deserved, earned and paid for. When good things happen to you, you feel guilty, anxious and afraid, because deep down you believe something deeply illegal or blasphemous has happened. You quickly set about "paying the bill" by making sacrifices, working harder, apologizing everywhere, pushing away love, rejecting the joy and sabotaging the success. Thus, for as long as you do not accept yourself, you will always want more than you let yourself have.

Exercise: Self-acceptance feels so good that you should try it at least once in your life! At the deepest level, self-acceptance is the awareness that you are what you seek. The love you hope to find in the world is what you are made of, and the happiness you are searching for is your true nature. Today, be willing to accept the idea that love is here because you are here, and happiness is here because you are here, and hope is here because you are here. Affirm to yourself, "I am what I seek."

That's true. I believe nobody is perfect including me but I never see myself in negative perspective. I accept myself as who and what I am as a woman, a wife and a mother. I enjoy my life everyday even when I was facing the difficult time and it seemed so hard to have it. When I was in that moment, one thing I believed I had HIM. HE would take care of me and watched over me and never let me down. HE is my strength.

As I mention above that I really enjoy my life, I said the truth. Several years ago I ever got an email from my friend to fill the answers of many questions. One of them asking if I was bored, what I would do. I answered that I never get bored at all in my life. My life is so very colorful and I have so many things to do and it always changes everyday. I should thank to my father who had taught me about a life and now it is the time I should teach to my children what life is about.

As I mention above that I truly enjoy my life because I have so many interests to enjoy. I try to write down one by one below and express myself. This makes me feeling good to share good things to you although I know perhaps it will be the longest post I ever wrote.

Enjoy and I hope you're not bored to read this special post!!!

I like singing. If I may be honest, singing is my first hobby I have. I ever joined with six Voval Groups and several choirs in Indonesia before I moved to US. I had started since I was 15 years old and ended when I moved here in 2002 (17 years).

I like dancing but most family and friends don't know that I'm very good in it. Although I never took special traditional dancing class but I ever got Java dancing class in Elementary School and Junior High School. You won't believe how my hands, fingers and body moved.

I like cooking. My grandmom has inspired to be a good cook. My cookbooks, Amerindo Kitchen in Series are dedicated to her.

I like writing. I've noticed that I have talent in writing since I had written my first teenager short story entitled Kidung Kasih Untuk Lintang (Love Song for Lintang) and it was published as a main short story at school magazine. At that time I was 13 years old.

I like sport. When I was 12-13 years old, I was famous in my grandmom neighbors as a top young girl roller skater. My father gave a gift, a pair of roller skater when he came back from Netherlands and it was so awesome. In one day in practicing, I had been able to play with it. Many teenagers in that area knew me well but I didn't know them mostly. Now I'm smiling when writing this-it reminds me when I was in that time.

I like reading. My friends in Senior High School ever asked me why I always brought a book when we spent time together to do the things. I answered shortly that I liked reading. I read many magazines and novels when I was in Senior High School. Now I have written a novel, Enthusiasm, and hope all my readers will enjoy reading it and get inspired by my own true story.

I like being stylist. Being stylist doesn't mean I have to spend a lot of money. I don't like to spend a lot of money for the things that aren't important. Being stylist means that I have to be smart to present how I look like without spending a lot of money . . . here I am . . . most friends think I am still in 20s, ha, ha . . .!!!

I like shopping and giving. Well, I think most women like these but honestly, I don't have much money to shop for the top brand names and I don't like either. I shop because I need, I shop because I like on sale stuff with good quality, ha, ha . . .!!! And giving makes me feel good as a person who cares to others and has attention to family and friends. With giving, I feel my life is worthy for other people.

I like taking care of myself. I give attention for myself from hair to toes. Looking good will make my family and friends happy to have me around them.

I like cleaning. All household cleanings I ever do. When I lived at my grandmom house, I used to do big cleaning and arrange a new style for livingroom and my own bedroom at least twice a year.

I like spending time with my friends to share everything with a cup of tea or simple snacks or have lunch or dinner together, especially if I have a chance to cook.

I like gardening, especially when my husband and my little daughter get involved in it. This summer we will have grapes harvest from our back yard garden that I planted it 3 years ago.

I like having fun outside with my family, especially when my husband cooks BBQ for us.

I like travelling with my family but since we have very tight budget for this, I just have one special wish--I wanna bring my family to visit Indonesia someday soon.

I like having goal in my life. My life is challenging and I have enjoyed living in it. Becaue of it, my life never bored, my life is always colorful and has hopes because I have HIM. HE is MY HOPE!!!

Before I end this post, I enclose the result of my abundance test:
I experience an inner shift in which I realize that true abundance is much more about "being" than it is about "having," "going," "doing" and "getting." Here, I discover to my great delight that my unconditioned self is made of everything I am trying to find in the world. Joy is my spiritual DNA, love is my original energy and my true nature is already free. As I manifest more of my true nature, I naturally experience a life that is rich in every way. (*)


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