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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Met Director of Local Library

Yesterday I went to the local library in my city with my daughter. I had wonderful time meeting Marsha, a Director of Local Library in my city. Kelly, an administator introduced me after I explained what I needed to know how the local library could suppport their local authors.

I handed my media kit out to her and we talked for a while in her office. She said that I could do book signing there and might to do another event to discuss about my book. How happy I was! I told her probably in August I would do it and she asked me to email her to prepare and set up everything.

As my thanks to her, I am going to donate one copy of my book to the local library she is leading.

Another news I am still waiting from my store manager who is still in his vacation now. He has helped me submitting my media kit to Wal-Mart Home Office. I didn't expect to much for the result. They will accept or not, it doesn't matter because he has already given me permission to do book signing at the store whenever I want to. That's cool, isn't it?

Now I still keep in touch with a friend as a representative of one of Indonesia publsihing companies to discuss about my book right they are going to buy it. They have wide distrubution to many areas in Indonesia from east to west (from Sumatera to Papua). Because of the channels they have, I believe my book will be in a good hand.

So have you heard my last interview at The Authors Show yesterday? I said to my husband I didn't like the result of the voice. It sounds so different. As I know my voice has strong pronounciation and articulation especially I'm from Java but I didn't expect that my voice was so oppostite. It happened probably I talked too close on the phone. The message is good but I just don't like its voice. I wish someday I'm able to show on the television and you will know my real voice.

By the way, I have some responses from friends in Facebook after they heard my interview:

Nancy Dinar: "I'm really impressed. You've delivered a wonderful message."
Maria Coleman: "It's great! Ndak keliatan kalo interviewnya udah 'dirancang' dari jauh hari."
Viviana Andrew: "I wish to see you in the TV version, but it was another author. I wish to see you on TV. Your voice is perfect as a teacher . . . You spoke slowly and clearly."

Thank you for your appreciation. I hope one day I can make it much better. (*)


What am I doing right now?

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I've finished writing an endorsement to an online Indonesia friend and now I'm going to continue writing my second cookbook. It has to be finished before August.

about 1 minute ago from web


bluedreamer27 5:55 AM  

oh i've been there last night... and heard your voice too..
no it is not bad... i can understand it very clear..
i am so happy for you.'
congratulations once again
oh and one of my questions was being asked too hehe

bluedreamer27 5:59 AM  

oh ive been there last night and heard your vice as well.. no, the audio is not that bad.. i can understand the conversation very clear.. and so happy to hear one of my questions on the interview
i am so happy for you

Fida Abbott 8:43 AM  

Hi BD, thanks for your time listening my interview.

How glad I am to have a blooger friend like you.

Happy blogging!


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