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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ten Practical Ways to Increase Your Abundance (2)

2. Relationship: I feel connected, and not alone. (Sponsored by Dr. Robert Holden, O Magazine)

To feel truly abundant for the rest of your life, do this one thing first: Give up all sense of separateness. Despite how it looks or how you may feel right now, you are not a separate self, you are not an island, and you are not alone. As you let go of thoughts of separateness—described by scientist Albert Einstein as "optical delusions"—your perception changes, and so, too, does your experience of the world. Once you were lost, and now you are found. Grace is at hand. Inspiration is here. All manner of help and support is available to you.

Exercise: If you want more energy, more inspiration, more creativity, more aliveness, more joy, you have to connect. First connect with yourself. Failure to do so will leave you feeling like something is missing in your life. Eventually, you will come to realize that what is missing is you! Next, connect with others. Ask yourself, "Who would I like to spend more time with?" Social studies show that people who invest in a rich "circle of friends" are twice as likely to feel very happy and abundant.

Your abundance score will increase as you extend your sense of connection to include the sun, the stars, the sea and the trees. Too many of us suffer from what author Richard Louv calls "a nature-deficit disorder." Mother Nature offers a perfect holding environment that helps to restore us to our unconditioned selves. Most important of all is our connection with the original energy that created us. In my favorite book, A Course in Miracles, it is written, "A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need to correct." Amen to that. (*)


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