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Designed to fire up your interest, Enthusiasm is a fascinating and hopeful novel based on the author’s own true story. In this exceptional masterpiece, Abbott narrates the journey of her life and shares how enthusiasm plays a vital role in pursuing her dream in the writing world—with English as her second language—in her new country.

Here, she exemplifies her experiences, her family and relationships, her inspirations, and her passage towards her remarkable goals. This novel is a reflection of her own life, how she faces obstacles, how she handles life, how she inspires others, how she touches other people’s lives through her works, and how she achieved the amazing successes of her life and endeavors—a perfect blend of life’s spices.

Through Enthusiasm: A Novel Based on the Author's Own True Story, you will be affected by the author’s wonderful story. Filled with hope and inspiration, strength and enthusiasm, this book will draw out the best within your heart and mind.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Recent News: Purchasing Novel "Enthusiasm"

Dear All,

First of all, I would like to thank to all my family and friends who have congratulated me via emails, comments in Facebook, and comments in this blog. Since last week I have received bunch of congratulation wishes. Because of too many, sometimes I was late to reply them. So if you have sent it to me and haven't received a reply from me, please be patient. When I feel better and have more time to go online, I would love to reply you one by one. It looks like around 80% I have replied already and I promise to reply the rest of your comments soon via Facebook.

Second, there are so many family and friends who love to get a copy or e-book but because they don't live in USA but in Asian countries (most of them are living in Indonesia), they don't know how to get it meanwhile it still takes couple of weeks to be available to purchase via amazon. Below is a good example you should follow.

I got this news via email this morning from a blogger friend in Indonesia who is a student at an online writing course I am leading now (PMOH-Pelatihan Menulis Online HOKI) that she was successfully order my E-book via Xlibris through email. She is very enthusiastic reading my novel so she really wanted to get it as soon as possible. If you are interested to purchase now, it is still availbale only via Xlibris and if you live outside USA, you should call Xlibris at 1-888-795-4274 or send an email to because Xlibris doesn't do transaction internationally via their website. If you don't have Credit Cards, then you can use your Checking Accounts card. In the short time when I feel much better I also provide to sell it directly from me with my own autograph directly via Paypal. If you don't have a verified Paypal account, you first have to sign up there.

My Novel "Enthusiasm" will be available to purchase via amazon, barnesandnoble, borders, many other online stores and bookstores near you, probably around next 3-6 weeks since I write this post. I heard this information from Marketing Team.

Now, what's next? I'm planning to launch my online celebration party by holding THREE GIVEAWAY EVENTS soon. If you're interested to be one of the contestants, please show your support by subscribing to this blog. You don't have to do it but if you do, I really appreciate it. Once again thank you for your support by stopping by, reading my blog regularly and subscribe to this blog. GBU!

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I've gotten the results of my 4th blood test and 2nd USG yesterday. On Thursday, I will see my Obst to discuss my pregnancy.
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Icha 11:35 AM  

fida,,,sukses ya buat bukunya...selamat ada adik baru buat ariel...

yadi & antin

Fida Abbott 2:38 PM  

Hello Icha, terima kasih.
Apakah Icha adik Hariyadi di Tropodo?


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