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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Special Thanks to My Talented Friend, Mien Setiawan

I would like to give my special thanks to my talented friend, Mien Setiawan from Semarang (Indonesia) who has helped me to redesign my E-book cover, Poem Anthology as you can see the new cover design below. I like it so much.


Actually I asked his help for one purpose: to celebrate the International Cancer Day and Valentine's Day, I was going to run the fundraiser to support The Research Cancer Program. Because we both were very busy, and I was not feeling good either (morning sickness), I could not run this event as I had scheduled. I promise I will make it one day soon at the right time when I have more time and when I have been feeling good or better. Now I have to give more concentration what will happen with my pregnancy and for my upcoming published novel that I'm sure it will take a lot of energy and attention. Also yesterday evening I have done to do blood test and I have to repeat it again on Wednesday. Then on Friday I have to meet my Midwife to see the blood test result. Now I have been trying to calm my heart. What will happen, I will let it happens. Everything is in God's way. Please, pray for me! Thank you.

What am I doing right now?

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At the same time I'm nervous and excited too. My first novel will be released soon in the next month.
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Blue Jasmine 9:01 PM  

What's the blood tests for, Mbak? Does it have something to do with your age? Hope it'll be ok!

Fida Abbott 9:44 AM  

Blood test is taken to make sure if my preganancy is fine because I have spotting and haven't been stop yet.

Thank you and yes, I hope everything will be OK.


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