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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Message

Hello!!! Have you prepared anything to welcome upcoming New Year? Wow... I just felt we had New Year couple months ago and in the next two days we will welcome 2010. How old will you be in 2010? We are going to get older, aren't we?

Well, although I will get older but I never felt that way. I still feel like the first time I married my husband seven years ago although the white hair starts growing one by one, he, he.... By the way at work most people called me "Miss" or "Young Woman". That's cool. Probably if they know how old I am, their eyes will move forward 1/4 inch, he, he.... (sorry it's just kidding).

Yes, they are right. I look much younger than my age and I feel grateful for this. Someone asked me what the things that made me looked younger? I said, "I don't know. Maybe I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of vegetables." Well, I didn't prepare the answer for that question but I'm sure one the most reason we will look much younger because is from our heart. Love one another like you love yourself. It seems easy but not. Be happy and enjoy your life! It seems easy but not either. But I do enjoy my life although I am not a rich person but I am rich in love. Love and support from the people around you will be very important to reach your dream.

Talking about dream - Dream is a challenge and I like challenge. Challenge makes me moving forward and be a positive person. Without challenge, we never know the ability we've already had. Be a winner although if your never win something but you have a heart as a WINNER!!!! Make your life becomes great blessing to others and you will see the meaning of its life.

Enjoy your holiday!! I attach a great music video here that I hope it will inspire you in facing 2010. HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of you!!!!


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I'm having cough and soar throat while there are many things I have to do.
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Mariuca 3:18 PM  

Happy New Year Fida! I hope this new year brings you the best in life, love and wealth. Love and hugs! :)

Mungil 10:04 PM  

Happy New Year Fida! I wish all the best for you in year 2010. Nice have friend like you bcoz we are from the almamater UPN "Veteran" Surabaya...hehehe and confirm me in your FB thank's before.

Fida Abbott 5:56 AM  


Thank you and I wish you all the best too.

Fida Abbott 5:57 AM  


What a big surprise!! I will approve you soon at FB.

Thank you for your visit.


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