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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beautiful Knockout Roses

Have you ever heard the name 'Knockout Roses'? If you love gardening and flowers, this name should be familiar for you. I have two Double Knockout Roses in my garden. I bought them online three years ago and last summer they had many beautiful roses grew as you see two photographs I attach below.

What are the special things about this flower?
Knockout Rose breeder, Bill Radler has created what many consider to be the easiest, most disease resistant rose on the market. The plants require very little attention from the gardener and will thrive in nearly all parts of the US making Knockout Roses the most popular rose in North America. Knockout Roses has four species:

1. Knockout Rose

This is the original Knockout rose, it will floor you with its amazing flower power. This powerhouse starts producing fire engine red blooms in the spring and does not let up until the first frost of Autumn. The most fool proof rose we have ever grown.

2. Double Knockout Rose

Double Knockout roses combine easy to grow, exceptional flowering power with a characteristic not often found in any rose, tolerance for shade. The fully double flowers completely cover compact plants making it perfect for a hedge or border.

3. Blushing Knocout Rose

Blushing Knockout blooms profusely from spring until fall. The shell pink flowers are dainty but will survive high heat and humidity without fail. Knockouts are perfect for hedges and a perfect companion for perennial gardens.

4. Sunny Knockout Rose

Summer seems to go on forever with the Sunny Knockout Rose. Plants begin to parade their buttery-yellow flowers in mid-spring and march right on through summers heat and into fall. A real showcase season-long color.

All those four kinds of Knockout Roses are not picky about soil types but will do better if you amend the soil with compost. For stronger plants and more vivid color fertilize in late spring and again in midsummer with fish emulsion and blood meal.

Now, with only a half of price ($ 9.98) per plant, you can get them all, or if you would like to try one kind of them, it's better you get it soon before they are sold out. Don't miss this special offer from

You can order them with confidence. Why? Because they have some things you should know before ordering:

1. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your roses, notify them within 30 days of receiving the plants and they will either refund your money for the full cost of the plants or issue replacements, whichever you prefer.

2. Upon notice to of dissatisfaction with the items supplied you will be required to return the items. Do not destroy or discard the plants as this will result in a return/ replacement denial. They will not issue refunds or replacements for items that customer fails to return.

3. With flat rate shipping $ 13.85 you can track your order with UPS and you can pay it through your Paypal account or visa/ master card. It's very flexible, isn't it?

So, what you are waiting for. Gave them a call at Toll Free Phone: 1-800-673-1134 or write an email to them at if you have any question regarding your order.

Then, as like me... soon on next summer, you will enjoy your beautiful Knockout Roses blossom in your garden.


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bluedreamer27 8:56 PM  

wow those are wonderful ornaments... i wish we could have a garden fill up with those flowers... that could be very relaxing

Fida Abbott 9:12 PM  

yeah BD, you're right... flowers makes you feel relax.
Thank you for passing by an leaving a comment here.

Flowers 3:53 AM  

Nice blog with nice pictures. Roses and cutie pie in the picture are really adorable. Really like your blog. Keep on posting.

Fida Abbott 9:05 AM  

Dear Flowers,

Thank you and it is very nice getting your first comment here.

Have great day


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