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Monday, August 17, 2009

My Fifth Chaiku Poem

First of all, Happy Independence Day to my country, Indonesia. Today all Indonesians around the world are celebrating their Independence Day.

Though I don't celebrate at all at home but I have special present for my country. I wrote a Chaiku Poem as my fifth Chaiku Poem I have written since last month. It is about my country, titled, The World Largest Archipelago. I wrote this on August 13, several days ago and I sent to my online writing community to get reviews from the members. In this poem I just wanted to express how my country looks like. I thought the title I gave was the best name to describe about it.

The World Largest Archipelago

Southeast Asian
known from Sabang
to Merauke

More seventeen
thousands islands
you might not know
most are unnamed

On equator
tropic weather
most volcanic
active regions

Important trade
Eastern region
a place where most
the traders come

Thousands ethnics
hundreds languages
in one nation

There are three reviews I got:

- I had no idea there were so many islands. Good for you writing about the place. I doubt I'll ever get there but it sounds great. The names of places alone could be poems. Sabang. Hundred of languages? Didn't know that either. Is it true that the Chinese do most of the work there? I enjoyed reading this. (Brosna11)

- Hi! What no mention of Surfing Aussies and Orangutans. I can shut my eyes and feel the sun, smell the air and hear the bustle of markets. Thank you for transporting me to such a beautiful place. This is definitely meant for the Chaiku comp. Love and Sunshine (Mariposa)

- Five quatrains in chaiku meter detailing the multifarious richness of the tropical islands which make up Indonesia. Many outstanding features of the region brought out vividly in few words. An intriguing travelogue. Compliments. (Sonny)


What am I doing right now?

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I still write chapter 17
about 1 minute ago from web


Bayu Probo 2:10 AM  

beautiful poem

Fida Abbott 6:49 AM  

Thank you, Bayu. It is nice to have a visit from Indonesia Blogger.

Upar 7:48 AM  

Fida apa kabar ?? Masih ingat saya

Fida Abbott 8:06 AM  

Halo Upar,

Tentu masih ingat. Apa kabar?
Senang dpt kunjungan lagi darimu.
Berarti Upar masih ingat dngku.

Salam dr PA

Upar 8:11 AM  

Sekarang Salamnya berubah... Salam dari Kota Pahlawan

Fida Abbott 12:12 PM  

Welcome to the Hero City, Upar!


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