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Monday, July 20, 2009

Preparing a New Career

Since I've started to write a novel several months ago, I considered to be more serious to take this chance as a step for my new career, as a writer. I had been a private course teacher, landscaper and counselor, either at landscaping and financial field. After I moved to USA, I thought the writing field is very suitable for me I consider to pursue besides as a blogger; as one of my daily activities. Working as an associate at Walmart is just for fun to make money when I can save some dollars to buy my personal needs, including to support my interest needs. I won't pursue my career at Walmart, at least one day I will take a place as an associate at personnel departement. I love giving service to customers and answer the phones though sometimes I get mad with the impatient customers. Every second the phone rings, I have to give them an answer, or transfer them to the department they need, or direct them to the Assistance Managers.

I had been thinking to plan what I would do meanwhile I am continuing to write my novel. Otherwise, I had plan to make another blog that will content about my education background in agriculture. Through that way, I won't be left behind to stay up to date for the agriculture knowledges that always improve from time by time, but I had to focus for what I am doing now.

Yesteray I had created a cover for my magazine. I planned to publish it online every four or six months. I haven't made a decision yet. I was so glad to see the cover looked so great and I was very satisfied with all my own creation. Probably in September I will launch the first issue after I finish writing my novel.

Other plan, I'm thinking to build a flash website to promote my novel and other books/novels I will write. Meanwhile, is a place to announce every published stuff of my own, including calendars, mouse pad, stamps, etc besides my e/books and novels.

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By the way, to my loyal blogger friend, Mariuca who keeps support me by putting many adds, I would like to give my great thank for her attention and great support. She has taken my attention since the last several months after I joint EC.


What am I doing right now?

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I'm writing chapter 12.
about 1 minute ago from web


devita 3:03 AM  

hi sister Fida!!

I did both twitter and envelope!!

What point is that?

Mariuca 3:04 AM  

You writing a novel is just so cool Fida! Good luck and have happy writing sweetie, love and hugs! :)

Fida Abbott 6:47 AM  

Devita, you got 75 points.
Thank you, for your great interest and your support.

Your sister in PA

Fida Abbott 6:48 AM  

Mariuca, Thank you for your great support!!! You are such a blessing for me. Either you and Devita.

Have nice day.

Anoman 6:14 AM  

Hi ibu Fida.. udah ga di HOKI lagi? Udah lama ninggalin HOKI?
Salam kenal,


Fida Abbott 7:18 AM  

Hi Anoman, masih Volunteer kok di sana. Thanks ya utk atensinya.

Btw, namanya nggak nglink loh.


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