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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sharing The Miracles and My Joy

I almost forgot to share these photographs. It had been almost two years I didn't visit it. I just remembered when on February 4th, 2009 in the morning I got an email from Shutterfly, reminded me about my account that had been so long I never visited again. I was so glad at that time because my account was still available and I found all my photographs that I ever uploaded there.

This is one of my albums, My Baby that I would like to share with you when the first time I had baby. It was miracles!! Why? Let me share them below:

1. I was so stressed out when I was pregnant. It happened chemically as pregnant women ussually have it. I felt inside of my body wasn't myself, I felt other person. Maybe it was the effect of the medicine I took because I wasn't able to eat at all. If I took it lately, I would vomit. Do you believe that I ever vomit 11 times per day till it was ever only light liquid coming out from my mouth because it wasn't any food in my stomach? I was very thin and in the early of the first 3 months my weight decreased. It really scared me. I didn't look happy. There were no smile on my face. I was so confused feeling my body. It was so very strange!! If I stopped using that medicine, I could not eat and it wasn't good. But if I took that medicine, it gave me the effect like that. So I lived like that way in 6 months. When my pregnancy was 7 months old, I could start eating although just small amounts. It was better than nothing. In my 8 months pregnancy, my tummy size increased so fast. I was so glad seeing it but another problems came. Two days after christmas in 2003 suddenly my fingers could not move properly. The doctor said it was normal because it was one of the symptoms of the pregnancy woman might have. He said it would go away itself. I asked when it would and he could not give the exact answer. He said maybe several months or 1 year after birth. You know how long it went away? It was more than 2 years.

2. I had C-section finally after Doctor saw the result of my photoscan that my baby was in the diagonal position. Her head was on the up right side and her feet were on the down left side. I thought it was God's way because I remembered the doctor said to me, my baby would have big size if comparing of my size (small and thinny woman). He was right. Her head was big. My husband gave her a special call: A coconut head. Maybe it showed that her brain had big volume and this was a sign she would be a smart girl. (Yes, she is)

3. I had waterbreak just a half day before my C-section schedule. Around 2 hours before it happened, I just called my relative in Indonesia who had waterbreak in her second birth. She said it was very hurt because her baby did many contractions. She hoped me not getting it but I had it (11.30 pm) after 2 hours I called her. I was so very worried it would be very hurt like she said. At that time I just remembered HIM. I knew only HIM as my helper. I was panic but inside of my soul felt its opposite. Every movement would give more water coming out. It was dangerous because if a lot of water coming out, my baby would have dehydration and could be dead. That was why the baby would do a lot of contractions as the sign of how panic she was too. The great miracle was I DIDN'T FEEL any contractions at all. My husband and a nurse was confused because they both saw on the detector screen, the baby did movements.

After birth in the morning (Jan 25, 2004), finally I knew why God let it happened to me because in the afternoon we had snow storm and ice rain. Could you believe it? If I came in the morning-afternoon to the hospital, it could be any difficult we would face. Thank to God, He had His best way for me in delivering my baby through C-section and waterbreak. See!! God always has different ways that we might never think.

Now you can see her in the photo album (click), her Blog or her couple photographs at the bottom of this blog. She is beautiful, cute, smart, brave, friendly, independent and talented little girl. She has easy smile. I was worried at that time if my baby would be like unhappy child because of how stressed I was when I was pregnant. Even small smile was very difficult I made.

I never saw a little girl like her before. It is not because of she is my daughter but she is really like that. I am so very blessed having her. She is great gift from God in my life besides my husband and my three sweet children.


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I will finish writing chapter 3 today.

about 1 minute ago from web


bluedreamer27 5:49 AM  

oh thats so nice to hear from you
just dropping by here again have a great day and happy blogging

Fida Abbott 9:33 AM  

Hello BlueDreamer,

Thank you for reading my story. It is nice having your comment here.

Have great day

Mrs. Mecomber 3:12 PM  

What a beautiful testimony! :)

Dhemz 5:28 AM  

wow! what a wonderful story....I know God is really good.

Thanks for sharing it to everybody...she's a goodness I can't believe she's a great dancer...hehhehe....:)

Fida Abbott 7:56 AM  

Mrs. Mecombers,

Thank you. I am very glad having your comment here. Really appreciate. I like sharing. For me, life is SHARING to EAHOTHER.

Fida Abbott 7:56 AM  

Mrs. Mecombers,

Thank you. I am very glad having your comment here. Really appreciate. I like sharing. For me, life is SHARING to EAHOTHER.

Fida Abbott 7:59 AM  

Hello Dhemz,

How glad I am reading your comments here. Thank you for the compliments. Yes, she is a good dancer. She wants to go to the dancer class.

bluedreamer27 6:46 AM  

hello again fida
you know what there were only few mothers who could save some memorabilia of their kids like the one that you have
have agreat day and happy blogging

Mariuca 2:13 PM  

WOW puking 11 times a day sounds terrible Fida! :(

Mariuca 2:14 PM  

I love ur daughter Fida, she is sooooooooooo adorable! Hugs and kisses for her! :):):)

Mariuca 5:54 PM  

Hi Fida, I have a special award, for you, CONGRATS! :)

bluedreamer27 2:27 AM  

hello fida just dropping an Ec today have a great day and happy blogging

Fida Abbott 3:26 PM  

Hello Mariuca,

Thank you for your compliments to my daughter. I will tell her you send her hug and kisses.

I also thank you for the award. You are very kind and sweet. After I do all my stuff, I'll post it soon.

Fida Abbott 3:27 PM  

Hi BD27,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your message.

Mhar's Display 12:45 AM  

She is so adorable. Daughters are precious.


bluedreamer27 8:34 AM  

hi fida just dropping by here and drpping some ec
have a great weekend

Fida Abbott 10:25 AM  

Mhar, thank you. I am glad you visit my blog and left a comment here. Have nice weekend.

Fida Abbott 10:26 AM  

Hi Bluedreamer, thanks for your visit. When I am not busy, I will drop EC more and visit your Blog.

Have great weekend.


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