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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Own Domain

Two days ago I decided to have my own domain for my another Blog, and yesterday it has been applied. I did several changes for the links that direct to. I still like its template. One day I will do an improvement for its header. Right now I still focus to do several things that have to be done as the schedule I have made.

Bad news, I could not open my project's file at Lulu. You could not imagine how mad I was. I thought maybe I did a wrong things by adding several additional pictures that were overloaded or maybe another reasons that I just didn't know. Thank God, I had its script that was being edited.

Good news, I could neutralize my feeling. Yesterday I reloaded again all the pictures for a same project at a new file. Suddenly I had several ideas to do something that could improve its cover performance and its contents. I should thank to God and not be mad for loosing my files there. I thought I could take a positive thing behind that accident. More efforts for the better things were good.

Another news, recently I have had an outline for my first novel. This was much better than if I didn't have it. They helped me to focus on the line although I have written around 14 pages already. Yesterday I told my plans to my husband that I would translate it in English and asked him to do editing before I sent it for a contest. I just need to submit 3 chapters only to be eligible becomes a contestant. This contest has given me great support in writing my novel meanwhile I have so many things to be done soon. I feel like I need more than 24 hours per day but it is what God gives to us. I have to be wise in arranging my time. Focus for the most important thing!

I hope I will finish my project next week and next month I will be ready to start translating my writings. My second project for my books in series will be postponed till I send it to the contest in May. But don't worry, I will finish it soon before the last summer and then I will focus again to finish my whole novel before the end of this year.

What am I doing right now?

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Stephenie Meyer, a Writer of Twilight has inpired me.
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Mariuca 5:42 AM  

Glad to hear ur novel is coming along fine Fida, good luck and happy writing! :):):)

Fida Abbott 7:11 AM  

Thank you Mariuca, you are a supportive friend.

In several days, I have to finish my 1st book in series then I can concentrate to write my novel.

Have a nice day.

sahala napitupulu 1:07 AM  

one of my reasons how i like you madame fida are your creativity and smart in writing. Good luck!

Fida Abbott 7:02 AM  

Hello Sahala,

What a surprise. I never get a great compliment from someone who said that to me.

Thank you for being a loyal friend and follower.

Your appreciation is really meaningful to me.


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