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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nominated Best Personal Development Blog and Two Celebrations

What a surprise!!! This morning when I went online and checked up this blog, I realized I got a visitor from Blognetawards. I wondered something happened. When I followed their linked, it went to the administrator. I went to their home link and found out I have been nominated for the Best Personal Development Blog. (Wow!!!)

I think this is a gift for my Birthday (2/11) and my third Blogging Anniversary (2/12) although I haven't been as a Winner but this has made me happy enough.

Below is their reviews about my Blog:
Nominated for Best Personal Development Blog is Fida Abbott a personal blog in which the blog site owner writes about her thoughts, interests, hobbies and her life story. The nominator of this site also let it be known that she has inspired many bloggers who have read her blog because of the various writings.

When the BlogNet Awards team went to do their review on this site, they were greeted with a warm welcome, a clean loading site, with a design that was friendly and easy to use. We noted that Fida is also an author of a couple of books, one titled “Dancing in My World’” a book of poems written in both English and Indonesian. This is a very friendly feel good site where many will find inspiration.

(Thank you for the great compliment)!!!

A very good news is, by voting me. As a supporter and a Blogger, you will have several good chances/advantages. You will drive traffic to your site, you’ll be supporting your fellow bloggers, and you stand a chance at winning Comment Cash for your efforts!

Please, let me know if you have done, so I will add you here on my list.

To Vote, please visit this link. The Last Voting is February 28th, 2009. Thank you for your support.

My Voters:

1. Fida, PA, USA
2. Mariuca, Malaysia
3. Bintang, Dubay, United Arab Emirates
4. Blue Jasmine, Surabaya, Indonesia
5. Damien Abe (88th), Jakarta, Indonesia
6. Mien, Semarang, Indonesia
7. BB, PA, USA
8. Wuryanarno, Surabaya, Indonesia
9. Gratcia, Jakarta, Indonesia
11.Sahala Napitupulu, Jakarta, Indonesia
12. Agus

At the same time, I would like to thank you to all of my friends who keep coming, visiting, and reading my Blog, Devita, Hercules Mulligan, Sahala Napitupulu, Gratcia Siahaya, Bintang, Jed, Vivie, Jennie S. Bev, Anang Yb, Damien Abe, Christina Hann, Emila Yusof , Kesembuhanku, Maria Coleman, Mariuca, Nancy Dinar, Wuryanano, and many others that I haven't mentioned them here.

I also would like to thank to my five followers, Blue Jasmine, Hercules Mulligan, Sahala Napitupulu, Tomas Karkalas, and Daniel Salons.

All of you have made my Blogging world becomes alive. Thank you!!!

Below I have attached my picture when last year I and my whole family members were celebrating my Birthday. Little Mermaid (my daughter) helped me blowing the candles.

myspace layouts

What am I doing right now?

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Thinking about my Birthday. Meanwhile when I am writing this posting to my Blog and twitter now, I hear my SMS sounds ringing several times. I beg they send 'Happy Birthday' to me from my family/friends in Indonesia.
about 1 minute ago from web


Anonymous 7:42 AM the first..i just wanna to say ..happy birthday...wish u all the best...anyway, im not living in Saudi Arabia but im living in United Arab Emirates..SA and UAE are different country..

Fida Abbott 8:06 AM  

Thank you Bintang.

Uuups, I was wrong!! I will fix your information soon.

Have great day!

Mariuca 8:10 AM  

Oh no, I missed ur birthday Fida!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie! I hope u had a wonderful time with ur lil mermaid of coz! Lotsa love and hugs on ur special day! :):):)

Mariuca 8:11 AM  

Fida, of coz I had to vote for u, you're one of my fave peeps online! I hope u win dearie and thank you very much for the linky love! :):):)

Fida Abbott 9:18 AM  

Thank you Mariuca for your great support and comment. I really appreciate it.

You are also inspired me in blogging.

Best Regards from me.

Mariuca 11:28 AM  

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mariuca! Join me in a wonderful new Love Meme. Let’s spread the love shall we? :)

sahala napitupulu 9:44 PM  

Happy Birthday my beloved friend. Keep on writing and be inspiring and blessing for other people. Je t'aime.

lovingly : sahala napitupulu.

Blue Jasmine 2:07 AM  

Mbak Fid, aku gak bisa register di blognetnya...dah 2 hari ini aku coba. Padahal kl mau vote kan harus login....

Fida Abbott 8:14 AM  

Hi Mariuca,

Happy Valentines too. Of course I would love to join, but I think I can post it next week. I need to prepare everything for the online writing course HOKI that will start on next Monday.

Thank you for inviting me.

Fida Abbott 8:16 AM  

Hello Sahala,

I will keep writing!! Thank you for expressing your thought and your attention.

Your Friend in PA.

Fida Abbott 8:20 AM  

Hello Blue Jasmine,

You had tried twice?? I think they were doing something with their web at that time when you tried.

Anyway, thank you so much for trying to support me for this event. I really appreciate it.

Have great day.

Blue Jasmine 10:16 AM  

Mbak Fid....,
finally succeeded! I surely give my vote for you and Ariel!

Mariuca 1:23 PM  

"Stars are like friends; there's always some around, you just need to find your favourite one."

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wishing on a Falling Star!</a

Fida Abbott 9:09 AM  

Hi Blue Jasmine,

What a great effort. Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it.

Best Regards from me.

Fida Abbott 9:18 AM  

Hello Mariuca,

You are one of my stars!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

sahala napitupulu 6:06 AM  

Je veux dire Happy Valentine Day pour toi.

Fida Abbott 10:04 AM  

Merci boucoup Sahala.
Happy Valentine Day pour toi aussi.

G 6:00 AM  

Dear Fida, what a surprise! i just saw this! This is so awesome! Congratulations! I vote for you of course!

Fida Abbott 8:26 AM  

Dear Gratcia,

What a nice surprise!!! Thank you for your great support. It really means to me and I appreciate it.

You have been in my special list.

Best Regards.


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