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Monday, February 16, 2009

February, My Special Month (Part 1)

I realize that surely February is my special month. Why? Because February is a month when I was born, the first time I breathed the air in the world. HE gave me the chance to grow and I was sure every creature HE created and was given a life, He had a certain and special purpose to me to spread His love to the others. So I should be a blessing to the others, my family, my relatives, my friends, etc.

The love that I have shown, it has given back to me. How? Every my Birthday comes, I always get many Birthday wishes/greetings through emails, e-cards, sms, phone-calls, and cards. I would like to thank to my families, my relatives, my friends (offline and online) for their attention by giving me a special wishes/greetings on my Birthday, especially for my husband and my children.

Two days ago, my husband gave me the phone and asked me to hear my children sang 'Happy Birthday' song. It was there couple days ago and we didn't know it. Thank you. I asked my husband to not erase that message, because it was special to me, especially when they said personally thay they loved me. It melted my heart.

I also got special Birthday card from my husband. I love a written poem in it and I really want to share it here.

It's an uncertain world
that we live in
where so much keeps changing
so fast,
And things that we thought
we could count on
too soon become things
of the past,
So with all of my heart,
I feel grateful
for the one precious part of my life
That's there for me,
always, no question --
my wonderful,
beautiful wife.

I'm taking this moment to tell you
how much I appreciate
the understanding
and support you always give,
the way you put up with
my faults and still love me
in spite of them.
You bring so much joy to my life
just by being the beautiful,
caring person you are.
I'm a very lucky man to have you
for my wife.


(I swept my tears in my heart after reading it. Thank you, God for a husband You have given)

What am I doing right now?

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sahala napitupulu 8:59 AM  

how sweet, you make a beautiful family..nice poem too. May God bless you and family in prosper.

Fida Abbott 9:37 AM  

Thank you Sahala. GBU too.


Salam Sukses Penuh Berkah dari Surabaya,

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Fida Abbott 1:34 PM  

Salam sukses penuh berkah juga dari PA, Mas Wur!!!

Terima kasih atas kunjungan dan komentarnya di sini.

Best regards!!

bacablog 8:46 PM  

pagi..salam kenal dari BacaBlog :)
wah.. banyak sekali blogger yang berbahagia di bulan februari ini, selamat aja deh :D

mau blogwalking? mau baca posting terbaru dari blogger?
atau.. mau kenalan, titip salam, dan lihat foto blogger lain? dateng aja ke

ingin pemikiran Anda mengispirasi banyak orang?
ingin berbagi pemikiran Anda ke orang lain??
atau.. meningkatkan pembaca dan link ke blog Anda?
daftarkan blog Anda di ,direktori blog+tempat memBACABLOG

Fida Abbott 10:59 PM  

Mas Wuryanano yg luar biasa,

Thank you for your support by voting me. I really appreciate it. You are really a motivator person. I also like your writings. Someday when I visit my city, Surabaya, I really want to have and read your books, and maybe we can meet each other. Send my regards to your wife. I have added her in my FB this morning. She is beautiful.

You have been in my special list.

My best regards.

Fida Abbott 11:00 PM  

Utk BacaBlog, terima kasih atas kunjungan perdananya dan infonya.

Salam Sukses!!!

G 5:58 AM  

Dear Fida, happy belated birthday! Nice POEM!

Fida Abbott 8:14 AM  

Thank you G. How have you been?? It is nice to have a visit from you.

Devita 1:39 AM  

Wow! Happy birthday sis Fida!!

Icha udah coba daftar untuk vote tapi always failed. trus email udah ada terdaftar katanya, tapi icha gak merasa pernah daftar. so i am really confused what to do. I am sorry.

Fida Abbott 1:03 PM  

Thank you Icha.

Info: setelah register, ada email otomatis dikirim ke Icha yg berisi link utk diklik utk mengaktifkan account Icha. Setelah itu Icha login kembali ke page tsbt dan sudah dpt melakukan voting dan menulis komentar.

BTW, thank you for your great support, maybe one day when you have spare time, you might try it again.

I'm glad you are fine now.

Best Regards.


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