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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top 15 Personal Blogs Finalist in CIBFest 2008

Today after I searched some book publishing companies in USA for my first book I would like to write soon, I visited CIBFest 2008 site to see what is going on there. The first click, I read about the Top Ten Favorite Blogs and I wasn't there, also X-Written, a Group Blog that I support to. But I was in the Top 100 Favorite Blogs. I wasn't sad. It was just favorite. Everybody, every reader, every Blogger, etc has the right and taste to choose their favorite Blog. So this category doesn't influence me.

The second click was the Finalist of each category. You believe or not, I was so sad that X-Written wasn't in the list. With unmood feeling, I moved my mouse down then I read the list of Top 15 Personal Blogs, my eyes caught my name there. Gosh!!!!......Was it true??? I read and read again, ...yes I wasn't wrong. Here, Guys ....below I enclose Top 15 Personal Blogs Finalist at Christian Indonesia Blog Festival 2008:

Do you know how I feel? Even I don't know how I feel, but I can show how I feel with posting this news here although I was sad that X-Written isn't in the Top 10 Group Blogs Finalist.

By the way, I would like to thank to every person who has worked hard behind the CIBFest 2008 scene. Won or not, my Blog is always my dream Blog becoming a great blessing to every visitor/reader. Since the first time I did blogging, I had the vision to be God's voice in every way I write, I think, and I act. I use English as a single language to write at my Blogs because I live in USA (so my American family and friends can read all the contents of my Blog) and I would like to improve my English in writing. From the beginner Blogger who didn't know anything about Blogosphere world with many kinds of unique adds, third supported parties, banner links, etc till right now you can see how I have done with my limited knowledges that I have learned by myself. I am a good learner and I want to learn and learn something new. I have learned myself how improves my Blogs, here and there. There is no special book to guide me to be a great Blogger (although I don't claim that I am a great Blogger). If you see many advertisement adds, I just want to learn many things from them. I never make money from them. Especially for google that I should give the information of my Social Security number as main condition to get paid. No Way!!! Many Indonesian Bloggers pursue it because they don't need to give their SS numbers that of course they don't have it.

So what I wish to my Blog, is becoming a Blessing Blog to every reader. It contents the spritual messages that can give them encouragement in their life to be close with the CREATOR, it gives the inspirational messages that can make them learn something for their life.

This time I also would like to thank to every friend who has been so loyal either as a reader, a comentator or just a visitor. Without all of you guys, my Blog is nothing. I also would like to thank to my husband who has supported me in every way for my cyber activities, either as a Blogger, writer and my commitment to participate in building as Managing Editor there. I know my time is limited, and through the limited time I have, I want to use it maximally to be useful to the others.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank to Devita who has been the most supportive Blogger I ever know. Every single of my post is never absent with her comments. Devita, thank you for your special attention for my Blogs, here and there.

She also gave me a special TAG as you see below and I would like to forward this special TAG to all of my Blogger Friends I enclose on the down right of this Blog. Thank you all!! Thank you!!

Rules :

• Save the image above to be forwarded;
• Choose several person ;
• Give the reason why do you choose those person

Once again, I choose all of my Blogger Friends who have been listed in my Blogroll at the down right side of this Blog. I choose them because they are my friends in Blogosphere world. They are very important part of my cyber world.


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"I can not wait to write my book soon."
about 8 hours ago from web


Mrs. Mecomber 4:24 PM  

Congratulations on your great honor, Fida! Your blog does deserve to win.

And wow, thank you for giving me the Great Buddy Award!!! I am very excited and will be writing a post about it!

God bless and enjoy your summer. Winter is coming, lol!!!

Fida Abbott 4:39 PM  

Thank you Mrs. M for your appreciation. I am glad you are excited accepting this TAG.

GBU &enjoy your summer too!!!

Hercules Mulligan 9:45 PM  

Congratulations Fida! Your blog deserves it! I appreciate your dedication and effort!

Thanks for tagging me, and making me your "blogger buddy." It is very special for me to know someone like you. God bless you.

I will let you know as soon as my post is up. :)

Emila Yusof 10:48 PM  

Thank you Fida!

Hercules Mulligan 11:05 PM  

OK! Finished! Here is the post. :D

JED-ReVoLuTiA 1:57 AM  

jed berharap sis Fida bisa menang...

(meski ragu ama kualitas jurine, opo yang dilihat sampe XW masuk nominasi aja kagak)

tapi blog sis Fida kan emang berkualitas so emang pantas menang...

kalo menang, apakah mereka mau kirim hadiahnya (ipod kalo gak salah) ke amerika sono?

Fida Abbott 7:19 AM  

Dear Hercules, thank you for your appreciation. You deserve to get my special tag. Thank you very much for posting it to your Blog very soon although I was sure you were busy doing your Projects.

Have great summer!

Fida Abbott 7:20 AM  

Dear Emila, You're welcome.

Fida Abbott 7:26 AM  

Hi Jed, terima kasih atas dukungannya. Menang atau tidak, buatku tak menjadi masalah. Meskipun kemenangan merupakan bagian dari salah satu kegembiraan untuk diucap-syukuri.

Kok mikir hadiah, menang aja belum, ha, ha....

Kalaupun dikirim, harus dibuat khusus untuk market di USA krn jenis electrical courd-nya beda. Kalaupun tidak dan digantikan dengan rupa lain, juga nggak apa-apa kok. Ipod di USA jauh lebih murah drpd di Indonesia. Kalaupun nggak mau dikirim, juga nggak apa-apa, biar ditransfer dgn adik-adik di Indonesia. Intinya, hadiah nggak pengaruh denganku, yang penting mutu Blog ini yg beranjak dari pengalaman pribadi dpt menjadi berkat utk sesama.


Jennie 3:40 PM  

Thanks Mbak Fida.

Fida Abbott 4:31 PM  

Terima kasih kembali Mbak Jennie.
Have great summer.

Blue Jasmine 11:10 PM  

Congrats, Mbak Fid!
Sorry, lama gak ngeblog, pusing prepared the wedding party for my brother till yesterday.
Btw...tag-nya kali ini skip dulu, deh...hehehe...abis bingung mo diterusin ke mana...belum punya fan...hehehe... Daripada tagnya mandeg di aku!
Congrats sekali lagi, Mbak Fid! Sukses selalu!

~~Devita~~ 12:32 PM  

Wow! congratulations sis!! i hope the best for you :D

keep writing!

have a blessed day!

Fida Abbott 1:55 PM  

Thank you to Devita and Blue Jasmine. GBU!!!

Mariuca 2:27 AM  

WOW! Congrats Fida! I hope this will inspire u to work harder and blog better for bigger success, love and hugs from Malaysia! :):):)

And thanks for this special award, I love it! Happy weekend dear! :):):)

Fida Abbott 9:15 AM  

You're very welcome, Mariuca.

I am glad you love this TAG.

Have great day!

Satish Chandra 3:30 AM  


Nice to know about you. This is really impressive and heart loving.
God bless you


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