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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Between Hope and Reality (2nd Version)

Once, there was a man who asked GOD for a flower and a butterfly. But God gave him a cactus and a caterpillar. He was sad, he didn't understand why his request was mistaken, Then he thought: Oh well, GOD has to many people to care for and decided not to ask Him anymore. After some time, the man went to check up on his request that he had left forgotten. To his surprise, from the thorny and ugly cactus, a beautiful flower had grown, and the unsightly carterpillar had been transformed into the most beautiful butterfly.

Photo above is my private collection. It was taken from my flowering garden.

What do we learn from the short story above?

God always does things right! His way is always the best way even if to us it seems all wrong. If you asked GOD for one thing and received another, TRUST! You can be sure that He will always give you what you need at the appropriate time. What you want doesn't always give you what you need. God never fails to grant our petitions, so keep on going for him without doubting or murmuring.

After I was graduated from my University with the satisfactory result, I had convidence in applying a job. I had sent many applications. Meanwhile I waited for the interviews and other good answers from the companies I had applied, I gave the private courses to couple students from Elementary to Senior High School especially for Math. I handled 4 children in a family and the youngest was around 8 years old. She wasn't passed from the 2nd grade. I heard that she always looked nervous and afraid everytime the teacher asked her something. She didn't answer because she was afraid that maybe her answers were wrong. Even when I gave her the lessons, she never answered me and never called my name. Knowing that condition, I didn't only teach her, but I firstly focused to approach her slowly but firmly.

I found out why she acted like that, it was because of her parent were often fight argumently in front of their children and it influenced her became a passive child. Finally, around 3 months, one day when I went to their house, she came to the fence to open it for me and I heard she called my name quitely. I was so surprised and so happy. After that, step by step she changed. She answered my questions and talked to me normally although sometime looked little nervous or shy, but I always tried to make her comfortable and felt convidence for herself. Everything just went well till one day in the end of her class, I heard that she could reach the second level of the best students in her class. I was so happy and thanks to God because I could help her and made her and her family happy.

After that, I got more students coming because of the successfull I did to her. It was happened around 1 year and a half and I did my teaching with all of my heart without complaining why I hadn't got a job that I wanted till one day something was happened to me. I got a right job as I ever dreamed about.

From that journey, I had learned something that every single of our life, God had purpose certainly to us to do other things to reach other things we wished or dreamed. I thought at that time, firstly, God wanted me to help that girl until she was healed then HE gave me great present after all, it was a great job I ever dreamed about.

* Today's thorn is tomorrow's flower. God gives the very best to those who leave the choices up to him. Amen! *

What am I doing right now?
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"Thinking how lucky I am as a Mom of a smart, cute and beautiful daughter. Thanks God for the great gift of her & my sweet family. Amen."
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~~Devita~~ 10:52 PM  

Wow! really nice sister!! really nice!

1. What a beautiful flowering garden you have!

2. I sometimes forget that God had managed all my life, thank you for supporting me with this post.

3. Nice posting

4. You have tell us (or me?) about this experience(teaching) before . i don't know whether it is written on your blog or kabar indonesia, but i think i remember that you have a student and you teach them. :D but i forget the date.

overall, i like your writing :D

"* Today's thorn is tomorrow's flower. God gives the very best to those who leave the choices up to him. Amen! *"

Fida Abbott 9:13 AM  

Thank you Devita. I am glad you got a great blessing from this posting.

I posted about this theme at

Have great day!


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