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Friday, June 13, 2008

When We Call HIM 

When we call somebody, we might get an answer directly to somebody whom we want to talk to, or we just hear the answer machine and leave a message there, or we must press the other numbers to direct the person we want to talk to, or we just can leave a message to somebody else who answer our phone, or the operator will answer it. Those all mean that somebody whom we want to talk to isn’t available in 24 hours everyday.

But it would not be happened if we call God. He is always available in 24 hours a day, in 7 days a week. We can call Him anytime we want. There are no Operator, so He would listen our voice directly. He is never too busy to listen and answer our calls. When we call Him, He would answers us. When we cry asking His help, He would says, “Here I am.” (Isaiah 58:9)

Thanks a lot to my friend in Jakarta, Jeffry Roring who has forwarded these emergency numbers for me. I hope these emergency numbers would help you and I in every single situation we have as blessing in our life. Amen.

 When we condole, press John 14
 When we are disappointed by somebody, press Song of Solomon 27
 If we want to fruit, press John 15
 When we sin, press Song of Solomon 51
 When we are in worry, press Matthew 6:19-34
 When we are in danger, press Song of Solomon 91
 When we feel so far from Him, press Song of Solomon 139
 When our faith needs to be strengthened, press Hebrews 11
 When we feel alone and afraid, press Song of Solomon 23
 When our life in bitter, press 1 Corinthians13
 To know the secrets of Paul’s happiness, press Collossians 3:12-17
 To know the meaning of Christian, press 1 Corinthians 5:15-19
 When we feel disappointed and be left, press Romans 8:31-39
 When we want peace and calm, press Matthew 11:25- 30
 When the world is seen bigger than Him, press Song of Solomon 90
 When we want the Christianity guarantee , press Romans 8:1-30
 When we are on the go, press Song of Solomon 121
 To Big challenges, press Isaiah 55
 When we need a brave for a duty, press Joshua 1
 To know how we can build a good relation to the others, press Romans 12
 When we think about wealth, press Mark 10
 When we are in depression, press Song of Solomon 27
 When we are in financial difficultiness, press Song of Solomon 37
 When we loose trust to the others/somebody, press 1 Corinthians 13
 When the people around us look like not good, press John 15
 When we give up in our work, press Song of Solomon 126
 When we find small world and we feel big, press John 19

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~~Devita~~ 2:13 AM  

it is like a shortcut from every verses :D cool!

Fida Abbott 10:28 AM  

Hi Devita,

It is nice having a special visit from you. Have great weekend.

Hercules Mulligan 9:21 PM  

Hi Fida. Thanks for sharing these verses. I will keep this one handy!

It is important to remind ourselves of the Scripture. God is not the mysterious "man upstairs"; He wants to interact with us, because that is what He made us for.

Thanks again.

Fida Abbott 9:55 PM  

Hi Her, it is always nice having your special visit. I am glad it can be a great blessing for you.

Have great weekend.


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