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Friday, May 09, 2008

My Writings at (April 28th - May 3rd)

There are 4 articles and 3 poetries as you can read them by clicking the titles below:

- April 28th, Sejenak bersama FA di PA (ke-3) -(Several Minutes with FA in PA - 3) (a.56th); Kepak Sayapku (My Wing's Movement) (p.40th)

- April 29th, SKY EXPLORER: Aku Dapat Terbang ke Angkasa (SKY EXPLORER: I Can Fly to the Atmosphere) (a.57th); Mengapa Zaitun Banyak Diburu? (Why Zaitun is Hunted A Lot?) (a.58th) ; Kala Cinta Berucap (When Love Says) (p.41st)

- April 30th, Mimpi Seorang Rekan Blogger (The Dream of Blogger Friend) (a. 59th)

- May 3rd, Mata Indah (The Beautiful Eyes) (p.42nd)


~~Devita~~ 7:49 AM  

di pondok candra:D:D

Fida Abbott 11:47 AM  

Walah-walah, arek Pondok Chandra toh. Akhirnya, he, he,....pernah tetanggaan. Thanks utk infonya.

~~Devita~~ 12:09 AM  

ok. sis, Icha pengen ke BC, tapi ga boleh ama papa, katanya ga ada saudara di sana, jadi dilarang.wakakakakkakakakkakakkakkaakakkakak

Mariuca 2:58 PM  

Hola Fida, Happy Mother's Day to you. Hope u have a nice one this year. And I also have a tag for you, have fun! :)


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