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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Interesting Blog Award

I would like to thank to Mrs. Mecombers who has given me an Interesting Award on March 29th, 2008. She is the first Non-Indonesian Blogger who gave an award to me. I have showed it with my honor to her.

Then, I would like to give this award to Cross Written Blog (The Bloody Inspirational Messages to Turn Your Life Upside Down) which it used to be known well with its short name XW. XW is written by 16 writers right now and they live at different countries. Most of them never meet face to face. With the cyber world, they may meet each other via their writings.

XW had celebrated its first Birthday on March 29th, 2008. And I think it wasn't coincident if I got this award at the same time and I would like to give it at the same time to XW at its first Birthday.

As its gift to the readers/visitors, XW had launched its free first E-book that everybody may download freely at here (38th).

As I am one of the writers there, I hope someday XW can launch its free E-book in English so the blessing of each reflection of the writers may shine not only for Indonesian but whole the world.

Another online news about the launching of this e-book, can be read at Gloria Cyber Ministries

I wrote press release of XW's first B-day Celebration at KabarIndonesia (38th) as my present beside this award.



Jed 8:48 PM  

wah makasih ya awardnya...

lom bisa pasang sekarang soalnya jed lagi gak di rumah....

lagi siap2 gath XW ama ikutan British Council Blogger Day..

Thanks ya

Fida Abbott 8:41 AM  

You are welcome Jed!!
Sukses utk kita semua!

N.b. Jangan lupa oleh-olehnya dari Jkrt, ya.......dari gathering XW dan acara Blogger Day-nya.

Redaksi Penemu 11:39 AM  

XW itu apaan ya ?
maaf langsung nimbrung!


Hercules Mulligan 8:40 PM  

Congratulations again, Fida!

This sounds like a great blog you passed the award on to! I agree with you, in hoping that an English version of the blog comes out; it sounds fascinating.

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog Herculean Reflections. It is an honor to receive a complement from you. I hope you visit again.

God bless you and your family.

Redaksi Penemu 9:47 PM  

Sudah baca sepertinya itu blog juga:
Best Religion Blog
Nominated by: Revolutia

mbak Fida bloggernya di tambahin di list blog saya ya..

~~Devita~~ 1:48 AM  

congratulations yah!!!

tetap berkarya :D


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