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Friday, March 14, 2008

What Our Clothing Tells About Us

I absolutely agree the clothing we wear can represent quietly who we are and how we are.
For several examples:

1. When I got the second interview for a job. I made myself looked so good in front of the interviewer. It could help me built my confidence. At the same time I saw another candidate who didn't care with how she looked. She wore jeans, white tank and sandal. It was little weird for me looking at her having performance like that. Finally I knew it from interviewing process which she sat beside me and having the interview at the same time but with different interviewer. Just coincident, I heard that her mom was a Manager at the same company where we were applying but in the different location/city. After couple days when I got that new job (Thanks God), I didn't see her when all 5 new employees got the new job and were having orientation. I didn't say that was because of her look, but I was sure even just small percentages, how she looked would give the credit for the interviewer. At least the interviewer thought she could not give the respect for herself, so how could she gave the respect for her new job?

2. When I was still in my country, Indonesia. Sometimes at my free time, I took a walk to malls. If I just wore the casual cloth and went to the exclusive stores at the mall, they would not give me very good service, at least they greeted me or just asking a simple question, "Do you need some helps?" or "What are you looking for?"
But if I went there with wearing very nice cloth and really looked like a business woman, ooh my gosh! They would grab me fast or trying to give me a better service.

Clothing what we are wearing will influent us or give the certain respond to other persons how they will react to us. It also shows our personality. If you are so sweet and feminine woman, don't even try to wear the rocky clothes. Beside they don't match with you, you will look funny too because it doesn't match with your personality. Wear the cloth as you are and never try to break the reality who you are. It is a small thing but it can give you a big result.

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Mariuca 3:43 AM  

Hola Fida! Oh I agree with u on both counts. Must always dress professionally or ur best during interviews. Clothes definitely make the person! :)

Fida Abbott 8:10 AM  

Hello Mariuca,
Glad to read your comment here.
Thank you.

Have great day!!!


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