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Friday, February 08, 2008

Celebrating The Second Year of My Blogging

Today is the second year I have been blogging. It is still young age but I am pretty sure I have learned many new things, had many new friends, made me more creative, stimulated me to write anda write again, and also had received several achievements:

1. I had been choosen by Jed Revolutia, a founder of as one of the writers there. I know it doesn't relate directly with Blogging but remember,.....he knew me because I was blogging and he chose me because of my writing in my Blog. It means it is a result of my blogging.

2. Ranked 85 of 3710 registered Blogs at Blog Indonesia on June 15th, 2007. Actually at that time I never checked it before, but suddenly when I remembered that I ever registered my blog there, at that time I went there and found out that my blog was ranked 85 of 3710. I was so surprised!!!! I never expected it. Well, ranked is not the most inportant for me in blogging, but it is always fun to see that my blog can be at upper list in other thousands blogs. Now I don't need to browse there because I have attached its banner here on the right side of this blog as you can see here. When I am writing this post, this blog is ranked 635 of 5529 registered blogs there. Not really good but it is fine for me.

3. Got an award 'Rockin' Girl Blogger from Jennie S. Bev on July 3rd, 2007.

It has been many months I haven't done my homework from Jennie to choose 5 other Rockin' Girl Bloggers. Now is it's time. I will forward this award to other 5 Bloggers.

Here is The Five Rockin' Girl Bloggers I have chosen:

1. Gratcia Siahaya, Jakarta. She has a very fresh Blog with light blue. It is like beautiful cloud colour. She is friendly and cheerful and I think she has a talent in writing too. I like her!

2. Emila Yusof, Malaysia. I falled in love with her Blog at the first time I visited there. She is very talented person in painting. I really like her paintings. She reminds me when I was a child. I could not draw well and my father inspired me from his good drawing. Also he brought me many kinds of the tools for drawing when he came back from his duty in Netherland. From that time I practiced and practiced then I found out that I could draw but it was a pity I didn't enhance my skill. It was OK. Someday when I have more time, I will do it. But hey,.....I have had 2 paintings already at my home. One I ever hung near kitchen counter and the other one, I still hang it at a full bath room at the second floor. Yea, is better than nothing, isn't it??

3. Mrs. Mecombers, New York. I never met her but from our communication via Blog comments, suddenly I felt closer after I wrote a post last month as a letter to her and I gave the title: Dear Mrs. Mecombers. I also like her Blog a lot, Mrs. Mecombers Scrapbook. I get a lot of knowledgements and find many interesting sites there that I really need to know. Thank you Mrs. Mecombers, you are my friend. I hope someday we can meet each other.

4. Vivie, Germany. She has a very nice Blog with pink colour with its title "Rahasia Kasih" (The Love Secret). She shared many things in her blog about her family and her friends. She is such a dearly and fun person.

5. Little Mermaid, Pennsylvania. She is really my inspiration and always makes my day more colourful everyday. I love her so much like I love my whole family! She inspired me to create this blog so this award I dedicate to her and/or her blog, it is not the writer behind the scene (ha,ha...!! No protest!! Remember, the judgement is mine and I want to make it so fun and without any pressure).

For those 5 persons above, CONGRATULATION!!!! Please, do the same thing like me. Forward this award for 5 other Rockin'r Girl Bloggers. Tell the world why you like/love them!


Emila Yusof 12:42 PM  

Thank you Fida for the award! I am so honoured!

Fida Abbott 12:46 PM  

You are welcome Emila!!
I am glad knowing you!!!

Gratcia Siahaya 7:38 PM  

Dear Fida :)

THANK YOU... I'm so kaget, *L* I came by last night but all of the sudden my internet connection was off, because it was rainning hard last night.

Wow...what can I say, now I am *speechless*

I am so honoured!

Blessings, Gratcia! :)

PS: I'm trying to make my post expandable summaries, but it looks like I failed, so if there's anyone who could help me, please, I'm deseperate.

Mrs Mecomber 8:22 PM  

Fida, your love and sweet personality shines through when you write, so I am not surprised you got such great awards! Congratulations!

I am honored to receive it from you. Thank you SO much for being such a wonderful blogging friend! I will show the badge at my blog with honor.

God bless!!!

JED-ReVoLuTiA 8:40 PM  

lha koq cuma buat blogger cewek seh...hiks hiks...buat blogger cowoknya mana?

maap ya mbak fida gak kekejer deadline nulis surat cintanya, sibuk ngurusin seh.

Fida Abbott 4:55 AM  

To Gratcia & Mrs. Mecombers: You're welcome. I will treasure our friendship.

To Jed: don't be sad and cry! (he,he...) Ithink someday I will make my original own award for the bloggers.

Jennie S. Bev 3:01 PM  

Great choices indeed, Fida, so proud of you. :)


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