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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Writing Love Letter Competition

Lomba Menulis Surat Cinta

Love is something that can be seen, read and felt although it can not be touched
is something that can be expressed, either from our saying, our writing and our action
Love is something that can not be touched but can be proved

To celebrate Valentine Day next month, The Online News KabarIndonesia right now is having an event, a competion of writing love letter. For more information, visit this blog.

Spread your love with participating in this competition!!!!


Ancilla 3:17 AM  

wah... aku ga bisa ikutan. hehehe....

TASH 9:17 PM  

Hi, Salam kenal...
Write in bahasa or english nih??

Anang, yb 3:26 PM  

Hai Mbak...
Aku udah masukin surat cinta ke KabarIndonesia, tapi nggak yakin berhasil terkirim atau nggak..
Buat jaga-jaga, aku tulis ulang disini:

Fida Abbott 4:03 PM  

Mas Anang, aku jadi terharu sekali loh. Sampai dibela-belain buat Blog segala utk ikutan lomba Nulis Surat Cinta.

Tulisan Mas Anang sudah ditayangkan kemarin.


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