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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thanks God for The Second Vehicle!!!

Almost everytime when I am on the way going home from work, I always see a same man is walking on the side of the road to his work. I can see how far he walks to his work because the route that I pass is a free way. I guess he works at Mc. Donald that is not far from the place where I work. I imagine if the winter comes, how can he walk so far from his place to work? I wish someday soon he can buy a car so he won't find a difficult way to go to his work.

Talking about a car, recently on September 1st in an emergency condition for the first time I had bought a second hand car successfully with my own money. I felt so satisfied because I had worked so hard collecting the money from 20% of every paycheck in one year (being discipline). One week before my little one would start going to school, I had to have another car just for driving her there. With my limited budget and having a strong faith, I went looking for a car with my husband and my litle one. Through God's way, finally I got a second hand car in very good condition without paying to much even the price was reduced around 15% from the original price, Oldsmobile Ciera 1997 (made in USA). How could it be??? I told to the seller how much I could afford it. Honestly I told him that I didn't want to spend a lot of money to buy a car for a simple need.

When I tested that car, he had made a deal price with my husband. I said many 'thank you' to him because he could reduce its price a lot. I didn't believe it but it was true. I thought he was an angle for me in helping to buy a car.

Total price after tax, administration, etc was still little bit under the original price. That was a miracle for me.

I was so excited because what was happened to me. Eventhough the car was made in 1997 but when I drove it, I felt like driving in a luxurious car. It was better than our SUV car but both are from the same brand name: Oldsmobile (made in USA). Inside of the car was so neat and clean (2nd). I really liked it!!! It was important for me beside the engine (1st). Performance of outside the car was in the third position for me.

Since that day I and my husband mostly drive that car everyday going to work because it is more efficient in using the gasoline than SUV. We only drive our SUV when we bring our little one or for other certainly cases.

Then I started to decorate little bit inside the car step by step as you can see two pictures below, a pretty cover for steering wheel, hanging 'heart' car parfum, tissue box and small pink butterfly (a valentine gift from my husband three years ago).



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