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Thursday, August 16, 2007


my freedom is
when I feel free to say
'yes' or 'no' without forcing

my freedom is
when I feel free to stride
here and there without chasing

my freedom is
when I feel free to run
reaching my end goal without 'in other person's way'

my freedom is
when I feel free to express
my thought for goodness

my freedom is
when I feel life
as I am
on my existent
without imitation polished
beautiful outside
but rotten inside

my freedom is
when I feel no pressure
enjoying my right I own
without duty careless
without breaking the rules
without hurting the others
respect to the others
respect in diversity
support the hopeless
support the goodness
hugging the freeless
love to others
without intend

Coatesville, August 17th, 2007

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mer 7:19 AM  

Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem!
Happy Independence Day!


So touching...
Kalo 17-an gini, pasti kangen dgn kampung yah mbak...

Warmest Regard of Independence Day from the Smiling country to you too Mbak!

Fida Abbott 8:27 AM  

Thank you for Mer and Ira.

Regards from me in PA

Vina Revi 5:02 AM  

Kangen kah dengan Indonesia? ...

Fida Abbott 8:24 AM  

Oh iya Mbak, pengin tahu gimana keadaannya sekarang kalau dilihat dgn mata kepala sediri. Sekarang ini khan dengernya dr surat kabar melulu dan kabar-kabari dr keluarga dan teman-teman via email dan internet.....Begitu, he,he...


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