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Friday, July 13, 2007


Please, click any photograph below to read their titles!!!

One of the activities I like is cooking, including trying new recipes to cook foods, bake the cakes, etc and decorate them. I still have some collection of the pictures of some cakes I had made as I post here. One picture is missing. I think I will get it someday. I am pretty sure it is in the other hard disk/older hard disk. Someday when I find, I will add it here.

They are pretty cool, aren't they???.... Even I never get the course to decorate the cakes. Everything was my own ideas.

What do you think???????


Jennie S. Bev 12:32 PM  

Nah, ini sudah tanda2 kesembuhan bukan? Keep smiling, sister. ;)

Anonymous 1:24 PM  

ya,and my favorite activity is eating the cakes my wife makes!!!

Fida Abbott 1:15 PM  

Ha,ha...thank Jennie and my Honey!!!

Wiwi S 9:43 PM  

Wow, your cake bikin ngiler !

Fida Abbott 12:32 PM  

ha,ha...Ibu Wiwi ini buat saya tersipu. Sayangnya saya nggak bisa mengirim sepotong kuenya ya. Btw, terima kasih atas kunjungannya dan komentarnya di postingan ini.

Selamat beraktifitas dan sukses selalu utk Ibu.


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