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Saturday, May 12, 2007


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I think it is perfect for me if those words 'IBU DAY' would be mentioned to me by my children because all of them call me 'IBU'.

I like that word, and I feel something different when they call me with that word (I fell more than a 'Mother', he,he...).

Yeah, but who will believe me that I am a woman who has had 4 children already??? I bet nobody will not believe me. When I met the vendors this morning at work, one of them asked me if I have had the children already. After I answered his question, than he looked at me surprised and asked me again if I had a husband. Of course.....Did he think I was a single Mom or what????????....Than we heard other vendor said that I wasn't old enough to have the children . (???????).....I thought he was right because I was still 19 years old (hua, ha, ha....!!!!!!).

It is OK if they said anything to me as long as they didn't mean it because they really didn't know me well. So I will be always a young woman in their eyes,he,he......Yes, a young woman, a young energy, a young mind, a young......(etc). Young = new. So I always have something new in me as a woman (energy, mind, idea, etc) then I will be a catalyst for my children, my whole family, friends and others. Yes, a catalyst as Jennie S. Bev said in her posting that mentioned :

According to catalyst (noun) is a substance which causes or assists a chemical change in another substance without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

Ask these questions to yourself. Reflect and answer them at heart (or below this posting) :

Have you ever become a catalyst?
Have you ever caused a change in others?
Have you ever inspired others?
Have you ever made a significant action that would trigger others to do something unusual?

How did you do all those things?
When will you repeat all those things, again?
Have you promised yourself to become a catalyst for a good change in others, again and again throughout your lifetime?
If you haven’t, promise yourself not to let yourself (and your loved ones) down.

(Mbak Jennie, I really like that posting). You are a Catalyst !!!!



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