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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This morning I watched a movie with its title 'DAD'. It based on a novel that
was written by an American writer. It was just a simple movie but it had great impression in it. Telling about a great son who took care of his sick father (he had cancer). It showed how difficult to take care of a sick person in the house. It took whole of his atention, energy, thought, etc but he never claimed. He almost got depression but there were a new Doctor who could help him curing his father stress.

I will not explain a lot about this movie, because if I explain it, it will take many lines/pharagraphs in this posting, so I just want to share about something here. If you are interested to watch this movie, you can get it from rental house or you can just download it from this site.

I had tears when watching this movie. It reminded me when I and my brother were taking care of our sick grandparent. Through the story of this movie I would like to share something about my brother, about his big sacrifices. He ever took care of our grandfather when he was really sick. He had sacrificed a lot, his energy, study, time, etc but he never claimed. When he was so tired, he just took a quite time. Many people were so impressed because seeing how patient of he was. I ever heard, someone who we didn't know her at all at the hospital said that she would pray for him becoming a success person someday. Actually, it wasn't only her, there were some family members, relatives, neighbors said the same thing. Do you know what was happened with him after that???? There were many miracles and blessings came to his life especially for his career. Now he has had an important position in his new job and he enjoys his free happy life!!!

I believe what we have sowed and given, we will harvest and get it
back. If you sow a good thing, you will harvest a good thing. If you sow a bad thing, you will harvest a bad thing.

My lovely regard for my brother in Batam.


Jennie 1:38 PM  

Terima kasih untuk postingan yang inspiratif ini.

The more you give, the more blessings we can give to the world.

~ Jennie

Fida Abbott 4:54 PM  

Terima kasih juga Mbak Jennie sudah berkunjung kemari dan menulis comment di sini.

Selamat beraktifitas,


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