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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CASIO Keyboard Model LK - 200s with Key Lighting System

It is my new keyboard I bought it with my own money two months ago as my B- day present for myself. I didn't have a plan to buy a keyboard at that time although I ever wanted it when I was a child and I never had it before. Suddenly I saw at Walmart after Christmas/New Year, they had many 'clearance' sales. This keyboard was one of them. It has been reduce around 40% off. After I read what this keyboard had, I was so interested to buy it.

Although this keyboard is not expensive at all but it has amazing features if I compare with its price after discount. What are they ????

* It has 264 tones. A wide selection of tones includes stereo piano, synthesized sounds, drum sets, and much more. Other features include digital effect that control the acoustical characteristic of tones.

* It has Piano Bank button. The touch of a button takes me directly to piano tunes & piano lessons.

* It has 3 steps of Lesson System. They let me practice at my own pace. It automatically grades my performances, so I can trace progress as I improve. First, practicing the time of the notes. Second, playing along at my own pace. Soon I will be ready for step three, where I play along at normal speed and the keyboard can be configured to rate my performances by assigning points.

* It is built in 100 tunes. They are divided into 2 groups, a Song Bank of 65 tunes with Auto Accompaniment and a Piano Bank of 35 piano tunes. I can simply enjoy listening to the built-in tunes, or eliminate either hand part of a tune, and then play along on it.

* It has 120 rhythms. A selection of ryhthms cover rock, pops, jazz and just about any other musical style imaginable.

* It has Auto Accompaniment. Simply I can play a chord & the corresponding rhythm, bass, and chord parts play along automatically.

* It has Musical Information System. A big LCD screen graphically shows me fingerings and notes, making keyboard plays more informative & enjoyable than ever before.

* It has Storing & Playing Back Tune Data I transferred from my computer. I can connect my keyboard to my computer by using special CASIO conversion software (included) to convert SMF data I purchase or by creating to CASIO format & then I can tranfer it to the keyboard.

* It has Memory Card Slot. I can load a card with a standard MIDI file (SMF) and play it back on the keyboard.

Plus a free User's Guide Book, a Song Book & microphone.

Three photographs above show us how Ariel has been enjoying the music and singing 'Twinkle-twinkle Little Star".
Now everybody who visits us may try to play my new keyboard. Who is interested ???.......


Indah 9:15 AM  

Ariel itu anak dikau ya, Fida? Waahh.. lucu dhe aww! Senang nyanyi yaa, Ariel? Paling asyik emang kalo nyanyi sambil mainin alat musik, kerasa lbh 'meresap' githu lhoo, huehehe.. penghayatan 'bo! *sayang gua kaga bisa dua2nya :P*

Met wiken yaa ;)

Fida Abbott 9:47 AM  

Iya Indah, she is my little daughter and the youngest one.

Thanks for your visit and leaving your comments here. Happy Easter !!!


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