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Monday, March 19, 2007

My Last Weekend Activities

Because of the snow storm since on Friday morning, last weekend I decided to focus doing the activities in home, cleaning, decorating and organizing. After everything was done, I didn't forget to take the pictures of the result of my works with my digital camera, Canon 3.2 Mega Pixels Power Shot A75, a B-day present from my husband two years ago.

I was excited doing these activities because it has been long time ago I waited for doing this but I could not. First place I chose was bathroom at the first floor which usually our guest went
there as you see the picture on the left. I sticked the wallpaper for border that I got from Dollar Store around 1.5 years ago. It was just $ 1.00 and it was only 1 left . I bought it although it was only 1 single roll because it looked so sweet. It could not cover all the borders but I could combined with another wallpappers those were not for borders. They looked OK. Then I still kept the artificial flowers from the children as the decoration of my Mothers Day present last year. I hung it on the top of the mirror, plus I put several accents on the counter as I bought them also at Dollar Store. One of them I put the real plants in it which I got them from the flower bouqet that WALMART family sent to me when I got the car
accident. Now that bathroom looks nice and clean.

After that I moved to my little daughter bedroom. I still used the love sofa by opening it became a small bed as same as size of the twin bed but it was little longer. I added a thin old mattress and covered with Ariel, Little Mermaid bed cover and shams. I bought these Mermaids on sale at WALMART Supercenter, the place where I work right now. I like hunting the on sale stuff for my little daughter, as long as they look good, nice, and not so expensive for just a little girl. Then I took all her toys from the first floor to her bedroom at the second floor. From that day I wanted everything should be organized for her eventhough it was so difficult to be followed by 3 years old little girl. But it should be like that so she will adjust with the neat room. I also sticked the wallpapper decoration, the little fairies and flowers which my sister in law, Cathy sent to her 2 years ago before we moved to this new house as you can see the pictures below.

At one corner I put a small TV for decoration with Mom-mom Doll seating on its top and 2 pieces of wallpappers I inserted them in the photo frame that my husband bought it also from Dollar Store last year. Looks good!! For the blocks, I used a basket to put them as you can see it between the dresser and the bed. On the dresser, I still displayed a Big Bear, a B-day present for her from her big sister, Frances. The other stuff were a pink alarm clock that she got from our neighbour when we still lived at the apartment in Secane, PA and a glass which I put a little pot of the air fern plant in it. This glass she got from our good friend, Marie S Lupone as a small present.

Then as the final place, I wanted to clean and reorganize the desk where the computer and printer were on it and the place where I used to go online and did some works there. I put my small collections on the top of the computer. They were a miniature of Javanese Bride and Groom in the middle and the other sides, on its left and its right were the small Bells I bought them when we had small vacation in Atlantic City 2 years ago. A small glowing Statue of Jesus I put between the loud-speakers. I also put my glass collection which showed 52 USA Presidents that I bought it in Washington DC 1.5 years ago. The final staff were 1 recipe box and 1 recipe book. I got them from my husband and the children as my B-day present last month.

Of course I was tired but I was glad and satisfied. I went to take a nap very well but I was still sleepy when I woke up. I should take an easy because I had to get ready to work.
(Activities on Saturday, March 17th, 2007)



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