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Monday, February 19, 2007

Determining if Wal-Mart Really Does Have The Best Prices

As a Blogger and a person who is interested in writing, I always try to search the valuable articles about everything related to Blogger and writing. Today I find some good things to support my interest in writing. One of the interesting sites I have joined already, I found a topic about 'Determining if Wal-Mart Really Does Have The Best Prices' then I wrote short article about it as you can read it bellow :

As a Walmart Associate at WALMART Supercenter, it doesn't mean that I will defend on WALMART. I have seen many products have lower prices even they are just couple cents less than other same products and same brand names I have ever seen from other places. Because of the same products, same brand names and WALMART has lower prices, we can say that WALMART has better prices than the others. We still should not say that WALMART has the best prices because maybe someday we can find the same products and the same brand names at Dollar Store or Family Dollar Store that has lower prices than WALMART's. But maybe we don't know about their quality. Maybe they have almost close with their expired dates. Who knows?? Because I see there are many products at Dollar Stores or Family Dollar Stores those don't have the expiration date stamped on their packages.

One thing I like from WALMART is they always bring their stuffs on sale after some periods time, so I always hunt the on sale stuffs. You may believe or not, I always get very good Stuffs in very good deal prices even they have been reduced from 75% to 90 %. Good stuff and good quality.

(Just several minutes the rating of the article I wrote was in the rank 28 from 51 articles those are about the same topic).


Cathy 9:42 PM  


One of the national news television programs did something like your article's topic a few years ago. What happens is that people come in for the advertised item or see the items on the endcaps and then many times buy another similar item that costs more than the advertised or endcap item! But, yes, sometimes you can get really good buys on their clearance items. Good topic and article!

Fida Abbott 8:46 AM  

Thank you Cathy for visiting this Blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.


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