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Friday, January 26, 2007


Who desn't know the name of Barack Obama?? All the people in the world are giving the attention to him right now. He is one of the candidates from Democrate Party who are fighting now to be a next US President in 2008.

The unique thing about him is about his life when he was a little boy. A little boy Barack Obama lived in Indonesia with his step father, Lolo Soetoro Mangundikardjo (Indonesian), his Mom (Aan Dunham) and his sister (Maya Kassandra Soetoro) as I read this from an article at online newspaper Kabar Indonesia Barry Soetoro Calon Presiden AS by Nirina Oraw. I also make more documentations about him that I got from daily newspaper in Indonesia, Jawa Pos which had published about his profile couple times. Two articles I enclose below are Barry Soetoro (Lanjutan 1) by NAUFAL WIDI-NOVITA, Jakarta and Barry Soetoro (Lanjutan 2) by RIDLWAN-NAUFAL WIDI, Jakarta.

Barack went to Catholic Elementary School at Fransiscus Asisi with registered name Barry Soetoro and next 2 years after that he moved to other Government Elementary School in Menteng, Jakarta. This kind of school is the same school where I went to Elementary School. So I would like to tell the truth here, that Barack didn't get the Radical Moslem lesson when he went to this school. This government school have had 5 different kinds of religion lessons for the students related with their own religion, such as Protestan, Catholic, Moslem, Hindu and Buddha.

As my interest about his profile, I wrote a little bit about him at online newspaper Kabar Indonesia. I give the title NGE-BLOG DI SITUS BARACK OBAMA by Fida Abbott after I found his site at Barack Obama Site and I am in the list of his friends now. Just visit his site above, then you can read what the comments I wrote to him.

More about his news, please visit Barack Obama from AOL news.


Ancilla 10:18 AM  

*mampir :)

maaf kalau aga berbeda komen saya...
mengenai barack ini, saya heran loh sebenarnya..
kayanya kita tu bangga banget ada "titisan" indonesia yang jadi calon presiden.

apa iya mba, kita sebegitu payahnya sehingga hanya bisa bermimpi dan menitipkan "bangsa" kita ke beliau?

sementara pebulutangkis indonesia yang kebetulan membela negara lain (mis: sekolah disana, bekerja disana) dan ternyata berhasil mengalahkan pebulutangkis indonesia lainnya, malah ada yang menghujat karena dianggap "berkhianat"... hehehe...

saya bukannya tidak mendukung beliau, tapi saya heran aja dengan bangsa kita :)

Fida Abbott 3:16 PM  

Hi Ancilla, menurutku segala apa yang berkaitan dgn nama Indonesia baik dan buruknya selalu menarik minat setiap orang Indonesia untuk disimak.

Sama seperti kita segala apa pun yang berkaitan dgn nama kita baik dan buruknya selalu menarik perhatian kita untuk disimak dan dipelototin, he,he...!!!!

Anyway, thanks ya udah mampir dan kasih komentar and salam kenal deh buat Ancilla.


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