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Friday, December 29, 2006


Photographs by Grand Sport Auto Body

Saturday, early in the morning, December 23rd, 2006 (around 4.30 - 5.10 a.m)

The following road from Walmart, Parkesburg to Route 30 was so quite. I was so peace in my driving to home. I saw several cars in front of me got ready to move and crossed the intersection on the green light and only me who turned right. After finishing my right turning and starting to move straight suddenly “Brak!!!” …..I had no any idea where a Big Trailer Truck came from and hit my left car, exactly on the left door. I just remembered I screamed automatically and could not handle the stirring. My car spun several times and finally hit the curb. I was so lucky there was no other cars behind me. If not, I didn’t know how I would be.

I could go out from the car easily because the left door was opened and had terrible damage. I tried to see in the dark if the Trailer Truck Driver stopped but he didn’t. So with my bleeding left hand I tried to get a help but there were no drivers passed by. I decided to walk in the middle of the street and waiting for the other drivers passed by. Around 1-2 minutes finally I saw a car came by. I lifted my both hands and moved them crossed giving the sign to stop and I yelled, “Help!! Help!!” but she/he didn’t stop neither were other second and third cars. I almost gave up and ….thanks God the fourth car stopped that came from the same road where I came from. I told him what was happened with me. He wanted to bring me to the Police but I refused him. I showed him my bleeding left hand and I didn’t want to leave my car. I asked him to call the Police. Then I saw 2 other cars stopped and the drivers called 911. I told them what was happened. One of them was a Nurse. She helped me carrying out some stuff from inside the car. In my panic situation I still could find my cell phone and made a call to my husband.

Around 3 minutes the 911 crews and Policemen came. Sometimes I screamed when they tried to touch my left hand. It was so pain and very cold. My left hand was shaking, maybe because of the opened skin and cold weather. When I told them everything about a Trailer Truck Driver passed the red light with the high speed, a man who came couple minutes after them said, “I was driving”. Then I stared at him and yelled him, “You did it!! What was happened with you??? Why you drove so fast??...”. I hadn’t finished my words, he stood up and left me walking to my car. After that I didn’t see him again. A Policeman said to me that they had had him. I hoped they would ask me more questions but they didn’t. It was a pity there were no evidences. I just could hope the truck driver would tell the real story.

They brought me to the Emergency Room at Brandywine Hospital. They did the X-ray to my left fingers. Thanks to GOD they were fine, no broken bones. I still kept cleaning my whole body from the small pieces of the mirrors. The Doctor said that they designed the mirror like that so it would not hurt the passengers when they got the accident. I found them on my eyes, hair, my back and many in my mouth. It made me spiting many times.

After around 5 hours in the Emergency Room, they let me go home because there were nothing to be worried about. The rent car man picked me up and drove me home. My husband hugged me and glad seeing me fine. But after he knew how the car looked like, he was sure that was a great miracle that I was still alive. My car was totally damaged of the left side and it was a strange to see that I was still alive and didn’t have serious injury in my body

Sunday afternoon, December 24th, 2006

I called my brother telling him about my car accident. I said to him that I was safe because I wore the seat belt and because of God had protected me too. HE saved my life. I never missed to pray before leaving the house especially every time I went to work.

After I finished telling the whole story, he asked me when and what time the car accident was happened. I answered him and then I heard he said, “How could it happened with us. I got a motorcycle accident too at the same day but couple hours earlier than you. I was Ok, I just had small wound on my hands and knees. And the funny things, there were nobody there as the evidence. It was same like you. Oh…. this is Christmas present for us”. We laughed together. Inside of my heart said, “Thank you, GOD!!! I am still alive.”

I thought what my brother said was true. Our safety from the accidents are the present from Him. “Life” present was the most important in the life. I said to my husband that God had given me ‘Life’ as the Christmas present of that year. I would never forget it. My life was more important than anything, so I still had a chance to serve Him through my family, my friends, the community around me and other activities that needed my help.

Monday, December 25th, 2006

It was Christmas. Although I felt whole of my body was so pain and my head felt strange, I never stopped to thank to God. I still had Christmas to celebrate with my whole family. Everybody looked so happy when they looked at me smiling. It was a sign that I had no sadness but thank to God. My car insurance had taken care of everything, so there were nothing to be worried of.

Thank you God for all of your blessings and the ‘Life’ present you had given me already. Christmas 2006 was my special Christmas I ever had.


Cathy 7:47 PM  

Fida, it was a miracle that you are doing so well after that shocking accident. I remembered this line from your Christmas blog: "I wish someday I want to be a Secret Santa.... Before I begin to do the activity as a Secret Santa, I will buy a new big car that can load my whole family, my husband and my 4 children to help me giving the Christmas Gift." So despite the unfortunate circumstances some good will come fron this experience. Wishing you well...Love, Cathy

Anonymous 10:48 PM  

OMG Fida ... God Bless You. Aku baru buka hotmailku hari ini. Aku lega kamu gak pa-pa disana. Tuhan selalu menyertai umatnya. Semoga cepet sembuh tanganmu ya ?
Luci C

Ang Tek Khun 10:54 PM  

Waks, berita mengagetkan... Sayang ga berhasil membuka foto di Blog-nya. GBU yak...

Maria Coleman 11:05 PM  

Thank be to God! Looking at that terrible-wrecked car, i cannot imagine how you could make it out safe!!! It only was a true MIRACLE! Hope you'd get over the trauma quickly and back to drive again. God bless you and family.

Fida Abbott 11:12 PM  

Cathy, I thought the same thing like you. It is weird, isn't?? God has made His way on my life. But one thing I believe, He always permits something in our life with the special purpose. Always remember HIM in every way we make. Amen!!

Mbak Luci, terima kasih buanyak sudah berkunjung ke Blog-ku juga untuk dukungan doanya. GBU too.

Khun, thanks banget ya utk kali ini sudah visit ke Blog-ku. Ntar aku kirim link foto-fotonya. GBU too.
Met mulai beraktifitas.
From me.

Fida Abbott 11:15 PM  

Praise to the Lord, Maria!!!
Thanks for visiting my Blog. GBU & family too.
Warm regards from me.

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