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Thursday, December 07, 2006


I am the Grass Fragance Type. I have very strong will, not dependent on others & give an impression of being alone-ranger. I am extremely curious & sensual, living a clear-headed, modern life. At first glance I place myself on a pedestal & am difficult to get along. But once others talk to me, they know I am easy going. And when the relationship develops, they realize I am affable. I am an androgynous charm, which makes me popular with all genders but I don't like my weak side to be seen. I might look cool on the surface but beneath it all. I am really pasionate. Only people who know my true self can maintain a long-lasting relationship with me.

(The result of personality test above is almost match with my real personality than other several personality test I ever tried before. That is why I might recommend this personality test to all of the visitors in my Blog who are interested to know more about their personality. Just send me an email then I will send The Magic World Test to you)


Maria Coleman 1:59 PM  

hi there!!
your blog looks nice and sweet with this song. Eagle is my favorite band ever! I have plenty of their song saved in my MP3 player. Love will Keep Us Alive!!
Peace Out!


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