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Sunday, November 19, 2006


You feel that you're lonely
it doesn't prove you are alone
You feel that nobody wants you
it doesn't mean that no one cares about you

**Listen to the words I say
I will always be your side
You mean everythng to Me
I will never leave you 'cause I love you so

You think that you're nothing
before Me you are something beautiful
You think that you can't do anything
but you can do a lot of things with Me

## When I say that I love you
it means I give the best for you
When I say that I love you
I will give everything for you
no more fear about the future
and blame for the past
I'll give everything
When I say that I love you

* I want you to know that I died for you
I want you to know I give all my life for you
When I say that I love you

VOG Music - 1994
Music & Words by Frangky Sihombing

All ten songs from VOG Music Album in 1994 are beautifil. They are my favourite Christian Group Music and Vocal from Indonesia. A song above is one of those songs had touched my heart. It isn't because of the beautiful words that Frangky had written but the words that He wrote are real in my real life : HE will be my side, HE never leaves me, I can do a lot of things with HIM, HE gives the best for me and HE really loves me.


Cathy 12:43 PM  


Gina 12:03 PM  

I love this poem!! It is beautiful. I want to let you know our wedding will be December 8th 2007 at LuLu CC in North Hills, PA.
Gina and Steve.

Fida Abbott 11:24 AM  

Congratulation for both of you. I am so happy getting your great news.


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