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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Servicing God

I believe every time I remember the God words from the Bible said that if we had a talent and used it, God would bless it and would be multipled and multipled but if we never used it even maybe we had more than 1 talent and never used them, they would be die/gone. I know I have a talent in voice although it isn’t super or very special but it has capability. My voice could be different when is used to sing in solo, in group, in theatre, broadcasting or in daily communication. I prefer to sing in group because my voice shows its capability and strong. That’s why I had been active in Youth VG at GKPII Silo (church) since I was at the third grade in Junior High School. We only sang at GKPII churches in Surabaya and several invitations from other places. Then I joined with VG El-Shadai when I was in University , we sang at many churches those had denomination differences even out of city or even in a village, getting many invitations from companies and other services. I felt great blessing in servicing God through this VG even I felt He used this VG more and more. One time I saw a VG Hosana sang at a service where VG El-Shadai sang there too. I was so impressed with their voices and just imagined if I might be a part of that VG members too. We never knew, since from our meeting with them and were involved with the short relax conversation on dinner time, in several weeks we got the invitation from them to practice together for certain services. I didn’t believe it but it was true. VG El-Shadai & VG Hosana had the great chance to service GOD together. The greatest service this joining VG-s that we ever made was becoming group band, song leader and singers for spectacular worship by Korean Evangelism, Stephen Tong and teaching by American Evangelism, Derek Prince in 1992 in Surabaya which were attended by thousands Christians. Once again, I almost didn’t believe it because I ever imagined when I was a child coming to a worship at the stadion that was attended by thousands Christians and imagining how I would feel if I sang at that stage on the stadion and I did it after many years and at the same place too!!!! I felt God knew my wish that came from deep of my heart and He granted it. Thank you, GOD.

It wasn’t stop from those joining VGs, before it was happened when VG El-Shadai was absent around 1 year, Mutiara ever came to me again and asking me to join with youth VG from GPIB Genta Kasih (a church where we used to go there because it was nearby our residence). They were needing one more soprano and she chose me. I accepted her request meanwhile VG El-Shadai was still absent. Finally I knew this VG was the one I ever thought in my mind I would like to join with someday but I never expected. It was so strange, everything in my mind, God always answered it. Thank you GOD!!. From this VG, we ever sang for a Charity Night and it was so great. We sang a song from Amy Grant. It was a beautiful song but I forget what the title of that song was although I still remember a little bit of its refrain.

Around 1 year I joined with this VG, finally I joined again with VG El-Shadai after one year we were vacuum. And at the same time the personnel of VG Genta Kasih were busy because of their business so we weren’t active again. Since that time VG El-Shadai still services God till right now. It means for me, the last time I sang with them was at my party one day before I left my country to USA. They were sad, happy and excited too. Sad because I left them and could not sing with them again. Happy because I left them for a happiness. Excited because they looked forward waiting for the great news from me here in USA. They just wished that I would be happy in my new life. Thank you, friends!!!

Right now God has given me a new place to service Him again here in USA through Adult Choir St. David Episcopal Church, Wayne-PA. May God always uses me through my talent in servicing Him in the whole of my life to glory HIS name. I felt this journey in many years of servicing Him was absolutely of His kindness He had given to me as a chance of wonderful journey that became the great blessing and the great testimony for other people who service Him too. Then I realized He wanted me to move there where Mutiara, her brother and her sister lived because He had prepared the greater work for me to service HIM. A m e n .

A photo of VG El-Shadai with their families + Ibu Hana at my party, one day before I left my country to USA. If I count how long I had joined with this VG with several generations changes was from 1988-2002 (14 years). It means we started together since we were in the University till some of them has family already. Eko Yossey is still a leader for this VG till now.
A Great Blessed VG !!!!
(From left to right-standing : Andre, Vita (Eko's Wife), ? (Alex's daughter), Deby (Epi's wife), Mutiara, ? (Rio's wife), Linda, Ibu Hana, Fida, Greg (Fida's fiance), Sonya, Paulin (Alex's wife), Alex
(From left to right-sitting on the floor : Eko, Jimmy, Rio, Novi, Epi, James (Mutiara's husband)
(From left to right - children : Patrie (Eko's son), ? (Rio's daughter), Billy (Mutiara's son), ? (Alex's son)

My Journey in VG & CHOIR :

1985 - 1988 : Start active in the Youth VG GKPII Silo
* Servicing GKPII churches in Surabaya + some invitations

1988 - 2002 : VG El-Shadai/Efata (other name)
* Servicing all churches denomination in Surabaya, other towns/villages
* Many invitations from companies, etc
* Participating in a VG Competition for all GPIB Churches in Surabaya

1990 - 1991 : Youth VG GPIB Genta Kasih
* Servicing GPIB Genta Kasih – Rungkut , Surabaya
* Participating in a Charity Night for God’s works at Stadion Go Skate,

1991 : VG UPN “Veteran” Surabaya (University of Pembangunan Nasional)
* Singing in a program at TVRI (Television Republik Indonesia)
Surabaya station

1991-1992 : UPN “Veteran” Surabaya Choir * Servicing the students graduation ceremony * Participating in a Students Choir Competition for all East Java Universities at Brawijaya University in Malang

1992 - 1993 : Joining VG El-Shadai & VG Hosana
* Servicing in a Spectacular Worship at Stadion Gelora 10 Nopember,
Tambaksari – Surabaya by Evangelism Stephen Tong from Korea
* Servicing in a Spectacular Worship/Teaching at Stadion Go Skate Surabaya
By Evangelism Derek Prince from USA
* Some invitations (wedding party, etc)

1997 - 1998 : Youth VG GKJW Tanjung Perak
* Servicing GKJW Tanjung Perak
* Participating in a VG Competition for all GKJW Churches in Surabaya

February 2005 - now : Adult Choir St. David Episcopal Church, Wayne – PA, USA
· Servicing St. David Episcopal Church in Wayne – PA
· Singing at National Cathedral Church, Washington DC, Nov 2005



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