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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


saat memulai hari ini
ingatkan kami ya Tuhan
untuk selalu menatap ke depan
dan tidak berpaling ke belakang
jangan biarkan kami berkeluh kesah dan menyesali
apa yang terjadi di waktu lampau
agar kami tidak terpaku di tempat
sadarkan kami
bahwa masih banyak orang membutuhkan uluran tangan kasih
pakai kami 'tuk menjadi saluran tangan kasihMu
perlengkapi dan mampukan kami
untuk memberikan yang terbaik kepada sesama
sehingga mereka boleh melihat kasih-Mu
melalui diri kami ini

Kami bersyukur atas kasih setia-Mu yang tak berkesudahan



when we begin our day
make us remember O Lord
to always look forward
and not to turn back
don't let us complaints and regrets
what had happened in the past
so we don't stick to where we are now
make us realize
that there are still plenty of people who need compassion
use us to be the channel of Your Love
armoured and enabled us
to give the very best to the others
so they would be able to see Your Love
through us

We thank for Your endless loving kindness


(Mang Ucup)


Anonymous 9:46 AM  

Thank you for this prayer. I have it on the wall next to our computer for me and the children to remind us of our blessings and our need to serve. You are a great inspiration to all of us.

Fida Abbott 2:37 PM  

Thank you Ruth. I am so happy that this prayer may give the blessing to the others.
Thanks special for Mang Ucup for his dedication in writing One Minute Prayer. GBU all.


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