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Saturday, February 11, 2006



My morning prayer:

Terima kasih Tuhan, Engkau sudah menambah 1 thn lagi usiaku. Kiranya Tuhan sbg sumber segala sesuatu dlm hidupku akan selalu memberi kesehatan, kebijaksanaan dan hikmat dlm menjalani hidup ini. Biarlah Tuhan akan selalu memakai hidupku menjadi berkat bagi sesama terutama utk keluargaku tercinta. AMIN.

I have thought something since several days ago to make something different in my B-day. After I thought several times, I got an idea. I would write something (not special) after so many years ago I have been absent not writting again. Yes, I would write a short fiction story in English (Cerpen in Indonesia). Then yesterday I started writing and I finished it not more than 1.5 hours. Surprised me!!! How could I did it??? I still remember the last 'Cerpen' I wrote when I was in Junior High School and the last poem I wrote when I was in Senior High School. I almost didn't believe it although I knew it wasn't perfect but it was good for the first start. The idea of the naration I took from an Airlangga University student who wrote her cerpen couple days ago. It was simple but interested. I just took its topic and I just typed whatever in my brain said. The profils, names, stories were just created at that time. Completely different. Now I am still editing it. I hope I can finish it soon and post it in this blog. So, keep visiting my blog guys!!! See you!!!!!


Aunt Cathy 12:16 PM  

Love the idea of the morning prayer. Can you interpret the prayer to us in English or is it a standard prayer we might already know?

Fida Abbott 2:01 PM  
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Fida Abbott 2:25 PM  

Dear Cathy, thanks a lot for visiting my blog. This is the interpretation of my morning prayer. GBU.

Thank U God, U has added 1 year old for my age. May U as the centre of the sources in my life always gives me a good health, gift & wisdom. May U always uses my life becomes the great blessing for eveyone especially for my beloved family. Amen.

Fida Abbott 2:56 PM  

Just info, the 2nd comment was from me. You could read it at the 3rd comment.

maria coleman 9:14 PM  


maria & loel coleman

Fida Abbott 10:19 AM  

For Maria & Loel,

Thank U


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