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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Let's Learn How to Money!

"There’s no scheme, plan, or strategy that can guarantee that you will get rich quick. No one becomes a millionaire overnight! (unless you’re born with a trust fund)" (Stash

I agree with that statement. I believe it's possible to gain wealth overtime with regular saving and smart spending. I watched this video and thought it could benefit you to learn how to money. Watch the discussion below and write down some of the key takeaways from the conversation!

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What am I doing right now?
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Very busy in the last two weeks and I confess that I only finish 65% of my translating project. Next week I will start to rock and roll again to catch up my goal at least 75%. About 1 minute ago from web

Thursday, June 13, 2019

I'm Not a Teacher but an Instructor

Excuse me! Please, do not call me a teacher! I am an instructor!
I think this is an interesting topic to write on this blog. Teacher and instructor are different words. They also have different meaning. Let's take a look the explanation below according to

A teacher is a person who educates children in school. The term teacher is usually associated with primary and secondary education. That is to say, teachers educate children in primary and secondary schools or colleges. So, they mostly have children – those under the age of 18 – as students.
Teaching usually involves imparting theoretical knowledge. For example, a Chemistry teacher teaches theories, formulas, and information about Chemistry. He may also teach the students how to apply this knowledge practically. But teaching basically deals with imparting knowledge.  A teacher’s job also involves facilitating learning, monitoring and evaluating the students, and guiding them on the right path. We also generally associate teachers with responsibilities such as teaching students good manners, the difference between right and wrong, etc. Therefore, a teacher has many duties and responsibilities apart from teaching.
A teacher is typically a permanent position in a school.  To become a teacher, one needs education certification from a teacher’s college or a bachelor’s degree.

An instructor is a person who instructs you how to do something. An instructor teaches specific practical skills. He teaches practical things, not theory. For example, a driving instructor teaches you how to drive a vehicle; a diving instructor teaches how to dive; a language instructor teaches how to speak a language. Therefore, the term instructor is very much similar to a coach.
The term instructor implies a temporary position. An instructor is employed for a limited a time period until the students learn the skills he teaches. Therefore, it is not a permanent position like a teacher.
The main duty of an instructor is to make sure that the students/student have reached a standard level of competence in the relevant skill. 
As a language instructor for USAF, I have to meet standardization:
1.  Native speaker;
2.  Born and grown up in the country where I am a native speaker;
3.  Must earn at least a bachelor's degree and I have Bachelor of Agriculture Degree in the Agronomy. Bachelor's degree in linguistic is preferred;
4.  Must have experiences in teaching to adults at least two years, and I have experiences in teaching ten years.
5.  Must be up to date with the news in the target country and I am active in the online media based on the citizen reporter and social media. I also like reading the news from everywhere and keep in touch with my family/relatives  and friends in Indonesia;
6.  Having knowledge in literature including fiction and non fiction, and I am a fiction (flash story, short story, and novel) and non fiction writer (from poems, review, profile/biography, interview, opinion, essay, feature, and reportage). I also read many literature books;
7.  Know well how to operate MS. Office especially MS. Word and Power Point, including Excel;
8.  Have ability to create presentation with Power Point based on the given syllabus;
9.  Have ability to teach in different levels;
10. Have ability to prepare and conduct the course material (speaking, listening, writing, and reading), written quiz/test, oral proficiency evaluation, and progress reports using ILR (Inter-agency Language Roundtable);
11. Other standardization as needed, but the most important is you must be a certified instructor. To be a certified instructor, you must PASS the training! In the final training, I had to demonstrate my ability how to prepare study materials, operate, and conduct the online class to a trainer who acted as a student. This is the interesting part because by the end of this training, the trainer asked me how long I had taught already. My answer was at that time: almost eight years. She nodded confidently as she had already seen me how I taught her well and confidently. That made me as an outstanding candidate. 

I'm sure you will then ask: how to become a successful instructor?
The answer is:

First: Starts with the quality content because it always attracts the audience.
Second: Select a well-known topic. It will give the confidence and help to do it in comfortable manner
Third: Budget the time accordingly. Plan the time efficiently. (This is the hardest part for me as I have several jobs and work seven days a week)
Fouth: Content should be simple and understandable. Those will increase accessibility.
Fifth: Use effective/outstanding images and videos to catch attention of learner's eyes.
Sixth: Know students interest. Their reviews will help to change accordingly. (From my experience, I used to know their interests in the middle of the class period. When I delivered an Excel form with many numbers involved, they like because they like numbers! Or I changed the way how I present the study materials, they like it. For an example: They like if I teach them the Indonesian composition more than reading materials) 


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My translation project reaches 50% tonight. Several weeks late from what I've planned. That's fine. I'm a busy mom and wife.😊😊 
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Learning Computer Coding vs Music

My husband and I had an interesting conversation with our daughter who like playing instruments. Her first interest is violin and the second one is piano.
I talked to my husband.
Me: Do you know that the students who can play instruments, they are 'smart'. It doesn't mean that the students who cannot play instruments, they aren't smart. I mean they have special ability and they are  more discipline. 
My husband: Well, people can play instruments by ear or reading the notes.
Me: Oh, I talked about this topic for those who can play instruments by reading the notes.
My husband: I can read the notes. I am smart! (he likes making a joke, but yes, he is a smart person, too)
Me: But you cannot play any instruments. Yes, many people can read the notes but they cannot play the instruments. They also cannot  compose, either. So to those who can play by ear and reading the notes, they are excellent. They have 'plus'. Composing music is not easy and playing instruments by reading the notes is not easy either.
Daughter: Ibu (Mom), learning music is like learning a new language. 
Me: I never think before that learning music is like learning a new language till you've said it just  now. That's interesting and I agree because it requires the action as same as learning a new language. It needs discipline to practice everyday and has the levels from basic to advance. 

Then I switched to other relevant topic.
Me: You said that you are going to learn coding.
Daughter:  I changed my mind.
Me: Why? Coding is important. At least you know the basic codes. There are many free applications to learn it or you can subscribe certain channels to learn.
Daughter: No, I don't want to. It's difficult. It's like I'll learn another a new language again.
Me: (Hmm, She is right)
Daughter: I just want to learn Indonesian, Spanish, and Japanese.
Me: Oh, I forgot that you want to be a polyglot.
My husband: She wants to be a polyglot?
Me: Yes. Polyglot is a person who is able to speak more than two languages.
My husband: No problem, honey. You can choose whatever you want.
Me: Even though coding is important in the digital era, it doesn't mean everybody has to learn it. Everybody has different interest, and you have interest in music and language.
Daughter: Absolutely correct. I have interest in art, too.

Then we changed our topic to art.

I caught there was an interesting part of that conversation which was learning computer coding and reading the music sheet and playing instruments as well. What is your opinion? What is the differences between learning of those both fields and what is the similarity between them? I agree with her opinion that learning computer coding and reading music sheets and playing instruments as well are like learning a new language.

If you have an interest to learn a new language, consider as the right application to help you. If you have an interest to learn computer coding, consider,, and If you have an interest to learn playing an instrument, you should get the books how to play it and take a music class, either at school and/or private. You can be an autodidact, learning it by ear.(*)

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What am I doing right now?
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Planning to take free online Spanish course next year from Walmart.
My book project (translation) reach 30%. Next week, it must be at least 40%. About 1 minute ago from web


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