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Saturday, March 07, 2020

The Time of Giving

I had a plan to give on my special day but I was not sure what I was going to do.

On my golden birthday, my husband posted this for the first time on his Facebook wall. It surprised me. While I was very tired on my birthday, it gave me smile on my face. I was happy while I could not handle my feeling of how very tired I was. It reminded me with my plan, so I had an idea: this would be the right time I would realize my plan. 

So, what I would give? I decided to choose three persons who gave responses to his post above. They had celebrated my special day online with my husband. Congratulations: Chrestela Setyadi, Mini Harrington, and Yohanes Sulistiyono!  

I had sent my recent published book (Exploring My Ideas) to each of them as a gift to celebrate my life. 

Thank you everyone who were not lucky at that time. I only had three copies of my book for giveaway. Thank you to celebrate my golden birthday with my husband online.(*)

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What am I doing right now?
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Trying to rest at home but many things need to be done. 
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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Celebrating My Golden Age for 366 Days in the Leap Year 2020

Tiramisu cake was bought from Walmart. Flower was given by Ruth Abbott
Today is Thursday, a special day of February 20, 2020 or I can write the date for today: 02-20-2020. In Indonesia will be 20-02-2020. I choose today date to write a special post of my special birthday.
This month I am already 50 years old. It is special, not only I am already a half of century, it's also happened in the leap year. I think it's such a blessing, so I told my husband and my daughter that I would celebrate my 50 years old for 366 days. It doesn't mean I will celebrate it everyday but I will do several special things to celebrate my special day during this year. What are they? You should stay tuned if you are interested to know what they are. 
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What am I doing right now?
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Time to go to sleep and wake up with full of hope and energy. 
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