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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Celebrating 14 Years Living in the USA

Today is my fourteen anniversary living in the USA. I don't go anywhere as I'm still in my vacation till Sunday, tomorrow. My youngest daughter and I planned to go to Hibernia park to do sketching. We both were interested to sketch one of the lakes in there, but she canceled. She preferred to stay at home and finished her anime drawing challenge. That was OK because yesterday actually we went there already and we both had fun doing the sketch of Hibernia mansion as you see the results below.
By Fida
By my 12-yo daughter
Hibernia mansion, Coatesville, PA (source:
As she finished her anime drawing, I continued reading a manuscript of one of Indonesian authors who asked me to write foreword for her book. I was honored to get this invitation. This would be part of my 14 celebration today. I also kept finishing my writing project. It's little bit slow but intense.
I also got special treatment from my late brother this morning. I got a dream he gave me massage on my feet. Then in the afternoon my aunt sent a message if she and her family visited his grave and my father's grave in the morning. Is it coincident? I don't think so.

"Fourteen years tomorrow," I told my youngest daughter yesterday at Hibernia park, "let's do special thing, sketching Hibernia mansion!" She was so excited. We had fun together. Before we went home, we stopped by at Aldi market, had small shopping, went to a small Chinese food restaurant and bought several food to take them home.

I thanked God for 14 years with all bad and good had happened. I believe everything happens because of God's good purposes. I pray we all are healthy, wiser and will keep moving forward. My goals are finishing my writing projects, making money for Indonesian trip and to help my youngest daughter's dream comes true. She wants to become a game designer.(*)
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What am I doing right now?
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So happy, three special persons said "yes". One person will give foreword and two others will give endorsements for my upcoming book. Thanks God. 
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

YOU'RE INVITED: Car Raffle, Flea Market, and Chicken Barbeque

If you don't go anywhere this Saturday and are interested to support Episcopal Church of the Trinity, Coatesville, PA, you should come to their event. Please, read attached flyers below.
Have fun and enjoy the food!
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What am I doing right now?
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Done 70% my recent writing project. Writing and editing between two jobs. Very tough!
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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

First Family Gathering on 4th of July

This is a late post due to my busy work schedule so I could not post it earlier. Anyway, I hope you still enjoy seeing how happy we were as this was our first time gather together as a whole family to celebrate Independence Day. At the same time we also celebrated my husband's new job, my new two jobs, Bubby's new-life birthday (5 years of double lung transplant survivor), Sissy's existence (my husband said this--he was joking), Mimi's birthday and Ariel's achievements (getting distinguished honor rolls throughout 6th grade).

From top left to the bottom right
Column 1
Photo 1: Posing with my youngest daughter after having lunch at King Buffet, Downingtown, PA.
Photo 2: Posing with my husband before we went home.
Photo 3: We had barbecue for dinner with coleslaw, fresh fruit, and potato chips.

Column 2
Photo 4: Mimi with her birthday presents.
Photo 5: Sissy with her extra birthday present.
Photo 6: Bubby with his new-life birthday present.

Column 3
Photo 7: My youngest plate.
Photo 8: Beverages. 
Photo 9: Time to play guitar and sing.

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What am I doing right now?
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More day off till next Monday as we wait the new developer finish uploading ten thousands products. That means more days for writing. Yay! 
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