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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Learning Computer Coding vs Music

My husband and I had an interesting conversation with our daughter who like playing instruments. Her first interest is violin and the second one is piano.
I talked to my husband.
Me: Do you know that the students who can play instruments, they are 'smart'. It doesn't mean that the students who cannot play instruments, they aren't smart. I mean they have special ability and they are  more discipline. 
My husband: Well, people can play instruments by ear or reading the notes.
Me: Oh, I talked about this topic for those who can play instruments by reading the notes.
My husband: I can read the notes. I am smart! (he likes making a joke, but yes, he is a smart person, too)
Me: But you cannot play any instruments. Yes, many people can read the notes but they cannot play the instruments. They also cannot  compose, either. So to those who can play by ear and reading the notes, they are excellent. They have 'plus'. Composing music is not easy and playing instruments by reading the notes is not easy either.
Daughter: Ibu (Mom), learning music is like learning a new language. 
Me: I never think before that learning music is like learning a new language till you've said it just  now. That's interesting and I agree because it requires the action as same as learning a new language. It needs discipline to practice everyday and has the levels from basic to advance. 

Then I switched to other relevant topic.
Me: You said that you are going to learn coding.
Daughter:  I changed my mind.
Me: Why? Coding is important. At least you know the basic codes. There are many free applications to learn it or you can subscribe certain channels to learn.
Daughter: No, I don't want to. It's difficult. It's like I'll learn another a new language again.
Me: (Hmm, She is right)
Daughter: I just want to learn Indonesian, Spanish, and Japanese.
Me: Oh, I forgot that you want to be a polyglot.
My husband: She wants to be a polyglot?
Me: Yes. Polyglot is a person who is able to speak more than two languages.
My husband: No problem, honey. You can choose whatever you want.
Me: Even though coding is important in the digital era, it doesn't mean everybody has to learn it. Everybody has different interest, and you have interest in music and language.
Daughter: Absolutely correct. I have interest in art, too.

Then we changed our topic to art.

I caught there was an interesting part of that conversation which was learning computer coding and reading the music sheet and playing instruments as well. What is your opinion? What is the differences between learning of those both fields and what is the similarity between them? I agree with her opinion that learning computer coding and reading music sheets and playing instruments as well are like learning a new language.

If you have an interest to learn a new language, consider as the right application to help you. If you have an interest to learn computer coding, consider,, and If you have an interest to learn playing an instrument, you should get the books how to play it and take a music class, either at school and/or private. You can be an autodidact, learning it by ear.(*)

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Planning to take free online Spanish course next year from Walmart.
My book project (translation) reach 30%. Next week, it must be at least 40%. About 1 minute ago from web

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

College Preparation for My Daughter

The beginning of high school last year was an exciting time for me and my daughter. She might be adjusting to a new school, making new friends and becoming more independent. Of course, she was little bit nervous and needed my help and involvement. As an immigrant parent, I never stop learning. Besides she learns, I learn, too. I learn how the school system is, how to prepare for college, read many useful educational sources, etc.

Thank you Chester County Futures who has introduced my 9th grade daughter about CollegeBoard. As a parent, I will always get forwarded messages every time they send a message to her. I read and learn a lot from their Website. Here are some tips for 9th grade students from CollegeBoard that we both can do together to succeed this year as she wants to continue studying at a college/university after high school. 

Summer Before High School
  • Visit a college campus together. It’s a great way to get your child excited about college. Learn more about how you and your child can prepare for a campus visit. (Not yet)
  • Get the facts about what college costs. You may be surprised at how affordable higher education can be. Start by reading Understanding College Costs. (Done this spring, 2019)
  • Show your child how to explore career ideas. He or she can make a list of interests, talents and favorite activities and start matching them with occupations. Learn more about how your child can complete a career worksheet. (She did at school, but I need her to do it again with me this summer, 2019)
  • Come up with fun reading ideas. Look for magazines or newspapers your child may like and talk about the books you loved reading when you were your child’s age. If your family makes reading enjoyable, it can become a daily habit. (Done. She read almost everyday)
  • Make sure your child meets with the school counselor. Your child should schedule a meeting to talk about college and career options and to choose the most-appropriate classes. Learn more about the high school counselor's role (It's in the progress, step by step).
  • Help your child set goals for the school year. Working toward specific goals helps your child stay motivated and focused (It's in the progress, step by step).
  • Make a plan to check in regularly about schoolwork. If you keep up with your child's tests, papers and homework assignments, you can celebrate successes and head off problems as a team. Get homework tips for your child (Honestly, I never check her schoolwork. She has been independent doing her schoolwork without my help and my regular check since she was in 4th grade. She just comes to me and asks questions if she doesn't know the answers. She always tells and shows me what scores she gets in her tests/quizzes without I ask. Believe or not, her report card none of them below than 98 in the middle school and none of them below than 95 in the high school. Thank you God for this special kid).
  • Talk about extracurricular activities. Getting involved in clubs and other groups is a great way for your child to identify interests and feel more engaged in school. Read more about the benefits of extracurriculars (She is an active student. She ever got involved in tennis last fall. The active extracurricular activities she has now from her school are Orchestra, Honor Society, Chester County Futures, and Spanish Club; and several activities from outside her school are Girl Scouts, Game Changers, her quartet group, and Confirmation Class. So, you know how busy I am).
  • Start thinking about financial aid. It’s not too early to look into types of aid that could help you cover college costs. Start by reading 7 Things You Need to Know About Financial Aid (I have learned a lot from many sources and College/University Websites, including from CollegeBoard, and shared some to my daughter. I also involve her to participate in saving some money for her college by working in the summer time--even though it's just small money for applying her college registration as for an example. This has a purpose: through this way, she will appreciate every effort she makes, and her parent's efforts to make her wish come true).
  • Discuss next year’s classes. Make sure your child is challenging him- or herself — and taking the courses college admission officers expect to see. Learn more about the high school classes that colleges look for (She took reading and writing tests, and she passed for taking dual enrollment classes. In fall this year, she will attend Delaware County Community College for free, without paying anything, including books and transportation. She also plans to take an AP class at her school besides honor classes. All these are good for her profile to build a better and outstanding college resume).
  • Help your child start a college list. Visit College Search Step-by-Step together to get tips on starting a college search and figuring out what matters most to your child when choosing a college. (We will do it together after the school ends this spring)
  • See how much you need to save for college. Use the College Savings Calculator  to get an idea of where you are compared with your savings goal (This is the most challenging part. We are still working on this. Her goal is getting several or some scholarships--any kind of scholarships).
  • Help your child make summer plans. Summer is a great time to explore interests and learn new skills — and colleges look for students who pursue meaningful summer activities. Find out ways your child can stay motivated this summer (She has been accepted to participate again in Summer ServiceCorps. This will be the second year. She will learn about leadership and communication skills besides earning money by working at the provided work-site).
As I have read so many resources, I found a useful video that I would like to share it with you below.
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As I am at home today, I can do many things that are left behind. This afternoon I could reach my goal 20% for my translating/writing project (book project)--a positive result every time I don't go work.
About 1 minute ago from web

Monday, April 08, 2019

Gaining Knowledge in New York

After spoiling my husband on his birthday with card, presents, foods, and cakes, last Saturday I brought him and our daughter to New York city. I attended a conference and NLSC  New York chapter coordinator welcomed them  to join. Our daughter was excited. She had a blast during the trip, took many pictures on her hand-phone, and gained her knowledge by attending the conference. She was the youngest participant.
In front of Hunter College - East building, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY.
We had time to visit Asia Society and Museum and spent little bit time at their store before we headed back to Penn Station. We all had a very good time. We will look forward for next event that will bring us together to New York city again. It was the first time my daughter and I went to Manhattan area.

Thank you my husband who had supported me during this event.(*)

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What am I doing right now?

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Another project from HOKI to hold an internship opportunity for college students in Indonesia is waiting. About 1 minute ago from web


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