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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Celebrating 11 Years of Servicing Walmart Customers

On Friday, August 4, 2017 was my 11th Anniversary of servicing Walmart customers. Below I will write down some names of a store manager and ass. managers (as my appreciation of their compliments) who had offered me a Department Manager position:

2015: Sophie (offering me a position as an Apparel Dept. Manager)
2016: Felicia (offering me a position as a Cosmetic Dept. Manager)
          James (offering me a position as a Dairy Dept. Manager)
          Leticia (offering me a position as a Candy Dept. Manager)
          Store Manager Heather (offering me a position as a Dept. Manager for several departments)
2017: Brenda (offering me a position as a Customer Service Manager/CSM)
          Jeanne (offering me a position as a Customer Service Manager/CSM)

But the journey brought me to the different destination. I've landed to a new company in 2016. My open position for Dept. Manager at Walmart is only for part time CSM for this time which they don't need it. They need full time CSM which I excused not to take it. Anyway, Walmart is still my second home in the USA. I'm still their associate and will be there for their valued customers.
If someone asked about my experiences of servicing the customers? I think I'll be better writing them in another post. So, if you're interested to read it, please, stay tuned! Thank you.
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Monday, June 12, 2017

MEMORIAL DAY: Time for Sketching

Hibernia Park: Old Dam
  Memorial Day last month (June 29, 2017) was the second Memorial Day we spent time together. We went to Hibernia Park and found a new location to sketch. It was an old dam. My daughter and I did sketching, and my husband was busy taking pictures of us. We didn't finish our sketches because it started to rain and decided not to finish them: un-finished sketches.

Enjoy our sketches!
A sketch of my 13-year-old daughter.
This was the area where she focused on her sketch.
My sketch
The area where I focused on my sketch.

~ ~ ~
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The progress of my book project:
Done: Updating design and blog content at Abbottsbooks and Website content at Wix, and Query Letter.
Need to do next: Proofreading of Query Letter (Cover letter, Author Bio, Publication History, Synopsis, and a sample of the chapter)
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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Invitation to Attend the National Junior Honors Society Induction Ceremony for My Daughter

Yesterday evening (Saturday evening) I was very excited when my husband opened a letter and told me it was an invitation for the National Junior Honors Society (NJHS) induction ceremony for our youngest daughter. I jumped several times; congratulated, kissed and hugged my daughter. It was what I was waiting for since last Tuesday.

Last month my daughter was identified as being academically eligible for consideration for membership in the National Junior Honors Society (NJHS) as administrated at her school. Eligibility is determined by her marking period grades which must meet or exceed their chapter's academic standards that all grades must be 87% or higher, and my daughter has GPA between 98-99% since Semester I to Semester III in 7th grade (Because of those accomplishments, our oldest daughter ever had a question to her: "Are you a teacher?" She smiled and I responded: "Future teacher").

After she passed the first selection, she had to take the next step. She was eligible to submit additional information for consideration by the chapter's faculty council which will carefully review her credential. In addition to the academic standards, membership in NJHS is also based on standards of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. To be selected as a member of NJHS, she must demonstrate on her candidate information form and through the evaluations submitted. As my daughter is active in the school orchestra, chamber orchestra, and Girl Scouts, I collected all activities she had participated in those areas and submitted them. She also must get witness signatures and approval signatures from 4 teachers.

To represent my daughter's appreciation, I would like to thank Church Music Director, Gail Busch; Leader of Cadette Troop 468, Keri Spitz; and School Music Teacher: Shawn Lee as the witnesses of my daughter's activities. I also would like to thank her science teacher, math teacher, social teacher, and music teacher who had signed the form for approval. Thank you for your supports.

At the same time, I received a small packet from my good friend in Ohio. She sent me several things from Indonesia as her sister in law from Indonesia is visiting her for several weeks. It made my day.

Another thing that made me happy, yesterday evening before I left work, I checked facebook from my tablet. One of my late cousin's sons has connected with me on facebook. Bimo, that was the name I called him. The last time I met him when he was around 1 year old. He had been a college student at Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) in Indonesia and recently he gets a scholarship from Imperial College in London and takes Transport Engineering as his major study. Congratulations Bimo! I'm very proud of you.(*)

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The progress of my book project:
Done: Updating design and blog content at Abbottsbooks and Website content at Wix, Cover Letter, Author Biography, Publication History, and a sample of the chapter. 
Need to finish 100% by tomorrow: Synopsis.
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