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Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Thanksgiving

Well, well, Thanksgiving will be next several days. My husband and I will work on Thanksgiving day so we decided to have family Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.

My brain gets wild when I would like to prepare big meal. As you know cooking is one of my interests besides singing, writing and gardening. I can be hours and hours cooking in my kitchen like I do gardening or writing. 

So, I have been thinking about what kind of food I would like to cook. I like different kinds of food although the theme of foods would be the same. Several interesting recipes I have found and I really love to try them. What are they? Sssst . . . they are secret! 

Hmm, you can't wait to know, can you? Then you should be patient to wait for my next post. Meanwhile waiting for it, I would like to invite you to visit this link if you like listening different kind of music. Do you ever hear about the name of a composer, Jeffrey Ruckman? If you haven't like me before my sister in law sent me this link, you can read this article and listen the music he has composed nicely between traditional music from Indonesia and modern music and let me know what do you think.

Then I'll come back next week with another interesting post--and of course it would be about our Sunday Thanksgiving. (*)

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What am I doing right now?
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Still having several homework for tomorrow morning for the last class of Tax School.
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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Awesome Packets Full with Indonesian Stuff

While far from my homeland, having something from there is truly awesome, especially when it came from close friends and family.
In two months in a row we have been blessed receiving packet full with Indonesian stuff. I tried to collect the pictures and share them here.
This packet was from my close friend, California, received in September. She sent Kopiko (coffee), Chinese beverage, shrimp chips, and lot of ingredients. One of them is Mimi's favorite food: Soto Ayam. One day when we visit Indonesia, she will taste the real Soto Ayam.
My husband loves the Chinese beverage and it has helped him feeling better when he began feeling not good.
She also gave presents to my youngest daughter from stationary till hairband. These aren't from Indonesia.
Another recent packet we received last week came from my good friend from Ohio. She came back from Indonesia and brought clothes from my aunt. Along with this packet she sent my book orders from YKBK, my 12th Anniversary gift (beautiful pin), a book mark from leather and hand crafted (wayang/shadow puppet character), bilingual Bible story for children and another book about faith, Indonesian beverages and kripik balado, stick shrimp chips and ingredient to make fried rice.
Thank you all for your kindness and thought especially my good friend in Ohio who was willing to help my aunt sending those clothes to us.
God Bless You All.
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Time to relax but tonight I will start busy again, reviewing and complete other several tasks. about 1 minute ago from web

Monday, October 06, 2014

OUR 12th ANNIVERSARY: A Devotional Message (1)

I made this carrot cake and my husband completed it with artificial flowers.
My prayer in our 12th Anniversary was asking Him to not let us playing Roller Coaster anymore. It's just enough to give both of us headache and tummy-ache. Time to relax and enjoy our life. Please, God! Amen.
Today, a day after our 12 Anniversary I read a very nice devotional message that was what I needed to help me refresh my mind. This message was written by Samuel Yudi S. in Indonesian and I tried to translated it in English. I share it here. It may be useful for you too.

Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, I will cut and every branch that bears fruit I prune, so that it may be many fruitful. 
(John 15: 2) 

Rick Warren, author of Purpose Driven Life, had two things contradictory. He is a great success because of his prints up to 15 million copies. At the same time, his heart devastated by his wife, Kay, who had cancer. Addressing these two things, Rick said, "I used to think that life is a row of mountains and valley. We walked through the dark times, reaching peak mountain, then back again, so constantly. Now I do not believe it anymore. Life is more like two railway lines fused at the tip, and at all times you will find it good and bad thing. No matter how many good things you have received, you still face the bad things that must be overcome. On the contrary, bad life that you live in, there is always a good thing can be appreciated."

Good and bad things can often make God a tool to our discipline. As the owner of the vineyard, He wants His many fruiting plants (v. 2). To get to that stage, The owner of the vineyard will cut the branches that do not bear fruit and clean the branches that bears fruit. Each of us will experience this process to produce equivalent quality. 

God disciplines us so that we bear much fruit. Bad situation should not weaken us. In fact, with confidence, we can said that God never stops with us-continues our process. Have we willingly disciplined by God, so that we glorify Him more? -- Samuel Yudi S/Our Daily Bread (Indonesian)


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Chapter 14 is almost done. Tomorrow another journey will begin.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

MY HUSBAND'S DREAM: A Message from My Late Brother

"You can't take care of my sister if you can't take care of yourself." That was the message from my late brother to my husband in his dream. He also got other short message: "Relax, massage." So, yesterday he told me about this dream when he gave massage to my feet in the evening. Then I told him later if that day (yesterday, August 30) was my late brother's birthday. My husband said, "Oh, My God! He is around us, even-though he is already in heaven but he is able to watch us."

Because of that dream, my husband told me he would like to quit smoking. Well, I wanna see later if this dream works well to make him quitting from smoking. I told him my brother loved me so he wanted him to take care of himself so he could take care of me. I believe my late brother knows my condition/situation and he sent a message through his dream. And my husband's response, "Oh, he loves me more. He wants me to take care of myself." I smiled and said, "OK, he loves you more." That made him happy, hehehe.... Absolutely.

His attending in my husband's dream reminds me to write something special about him. I'll do it in the next upcoming week. Thank you my brother for your message, and thank you my aunt and her family who has visited his grave on his birthday. I'm sure he was happy having visitors in his special day.(*)

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What am I doing right now?
Follow me at Twitter Thanking my late brother for his message through my husband's dream;  Praying for the third step of my application and preparation for my husband's left eye surgery for the next two upcoming weeks. about 1 minute ago from web


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