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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Incredible Head Seal that Saves My Car

Last month, T's Automotive told me that they didn't want to fix my car because of leaking on head gasket and they suggested me to buy another car and drive locally. I had no plan to buy another car this year and next year. This problem gave me headache because I needed my car to drive to work. So, more than two weeks, I went to work with my neighbor as she works at the same office. Thanks God! 

For my car solution, my husband had an idea to go to Advance Auto Parts store in Thorndale and he bought the most expensive head seal in the store. There is a message on the package, if this product doesn't work, the customer may send it back the product with the receipt and they will give our money back. 

The result: This product works very well. My husband recommended me that I needed to change my oil and flush the radiator next month so the "waterfall" sound in my car would disappear. (I hope so). That sound appears every time I turn on the heat.
After driving couple times to Parkesburg and local places, last week I tested my car to West Chester. I had no problem. Now, I have more time to save money for another car, just in case my car has another issue that cannot be resolved. 

Thank you, my husband for repairing my car.

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