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Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Proud Mom of A Smart and Talented Daughter

My 12.y.o. daughter in her own sketch. Maybe she tried to describe her look when she was being mad or angry.
I believe every mom should proud of their children with their "+" and "-", including me for everything they have achieved in school or other activities.

Last two weeks I got two emails from her teachers describing the results of her study during the first three semester:

Ariel is such a sweet and smart girl that focuses and pays attention in my room each and every day. Although Ariel is very quiet, she does participate if I call on her and she usually knows the correct answers. She has a fantastic work ethic and is an incredible artist! Her 1st marking period grade is 100%. Please tell her to keep up the good work!

~Sharon Renshaw~
7th Grade Life Science Teacher

Good Morning, I wanted to send you an update on Ariel for math class. She is one of my top students. She has a 100% for the marking period. She is such a polite young lady and very respectful. She is nice to everyone around her, participates in class assignments, and always has her work completed. She is extremely motivated and interested in getting good grades. She is a pleasure to have in class everyday and I appreciate the type of person she is and has become. You have done a great job raising her. You should be proud and so should she with what she has accomplished. As always, let me know if you have any questions. 

Kathy Neufer
7/8 Mathematics

After reading those emails, I felt much better even though I was very tired almost everyday as I work 7 days a week but never stop to support her by accompanying for her other activities, including chamber music orchestra, Girl Scouts, and piano private lesson. 

I thank God for one of His blessings through this child. I think one of my prayers when I found out first time I got pregnant has its answer: my baby will bring blessing to others.
My grateful feeling was completed as last two weeks I got a good news, they were going to hire me full time at my new job. I was very excited as well as them to have me join in their company. (*)
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Getting the second endorsement for my upcoming book last two weeks. Thank you so much. I still hope for the 3rd endorser will get better soon from his prostate surgery.
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