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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Getting Ready for Online Teaching: Bahasa Indonesia for USAF

After getting Certificate of Completion, I have certified to teach online in Indonesian.  Last two weeks I also had done my online Lesson Development Workshop. Next, I had to prepare my office so it should look comfortable/nice for my students to see the background of my office. Last month I did it. It took a full day to clean and arrange it, but it was worthy although my back was tight after it. Everybody was happy. They enjoy doing online activities in there too. My youngest daughter also studies, reads, and draws sometimes in my office.  

Look, how nice my office is!
The first person who enjoyed being in my clean office was my youngest daughter.
Special corner, full with important books from Basic Income Tax, Bahasa Indonesia, writing, gardening, etc. including family photo albums
My husband bought a new printer. He thought I would need it but I didn't need it for my online teaching. He then needs it for his new job. A right stuff for him.

I let my youngest daughter choosing screensaver for her favorite stuff: Anime. I also display my online teaching certificate on the corner.
One thing missing: a big stuffed animal to cuddle. A dog. I gave his name: Browny.
A must have to teach online: a headset with microphone attached. I got a good deal at Walmart: h390 Logitech USB Headset (clear digital stereo, laser-tuned drivers, noise-cancelling microphone, and adjustable headband).
The last one is voice recorder. This I might use it for higher classes or for listening test.
Proud to serve:
 as one of their instructors. 

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What am I doing right now?
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Getting ready for my other new job next Monday: I will refresh my brain by practicing Excel tomorrow. about 1 minute ago from web


Yadayada Phillips 7:03 AM  

Congratulation Mbak Fida!
Keep on fire the good spirit... God bless you :-)

Fida Abbott 8:51 AM  

Dear Yadayada Phillips,

Thank you for your great support. Keep enthusiastic to reach your dream too and GBU!


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