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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Having Three Guns in Three Months

What is the writer's gun? My answer for this question is computer. Thirty years ago computer was not so popular. People still used typing machine to write, but this time who didn't have computer? Even the people who live in the villages have an internet access by having iPhone, smartphone, etc.

This time writers must have computer. It can be PC, Laptop, Notebook or Tablet. Using these devices will make them easier to write wherever they are. At home, office, park, cafĂ©, library, etc. Computer makes them more efficient using their time to write wherever they want to. It's also easy to edit, share, write a comment, and make a very nice presentation. Can we imagine at this time if a writer is without a computer?

I had a desktop computer and a laptop at home, but since two years ago my desktop computer had problem and a year ago, we could not use it. We retired it since then, and we only had a laptop. Using by three persons at home, I was not sure it would survive longer. My writing activity messed up. I felt I didn't have any mood to write with my laptop anymore since anyone interrupted for what they need, for school or for work. I didn't like interruption when I was writing or working online. The worse thing, I was not productive as a writer.

I had been thinking if I could have a Tablet so I could write wherever I wanted, especially at work when I had lunch time or when I came an hour earlier. Planning it would be realized, I waited for getting bonus from work. My heart said if that time I had to make it for myself, not for paying the bills or other family needs. Nine years are enough, and it was the time I needed to make myself happy. I knew Tablet was not cheap and I wanted it with its keyboard so I could write. That was its purpose. I waited and waited, till Black Friday arrived. I saw on advertisement bulletin, Walmart would sell Tablet with its keyboard under $80.00 (almost 50% off). Wow! I could not wait to see its product. When its time arrived, I looked for it and I fell in love. With bonus was along the way, I was able to buy it, but I waited to open it. Because it was special for me, it would be a Christmas present for myself.

I was so lucky to have it. You can see its picture below. I have been using it to write my second writing project, mostly at associate room. I have been enjoying it and felt its advantage as a writer. Starting in January 2016, I have written two short stories by using this Tablet.   
RCA 10 Viking Pro, powered by Android, 2-in-1 with detachable keyboard and
trackpad, includes 1 micro USB, 1 USB 2.0, and 1 HDMI port.
Total price after discount: $79 + Tax. I saved $ 68.
Eventually it was the last bonus I got as Walmart won't be any longer give bonus anymore to the associates beginning in 2016. I was happy I had made a right decision. My Tablet would be one of valuable treasures I have as a writer and as the last bonus I got as a Walmart associate.

Problem came one to another. After using Tablet about a month, my laptop acted funny. It shut up itself in couple minutes, sometimes it was longer around thirty minutes. My husband found out if the fan was dirty, so it needed cleaning. I was nervous at that time as it was the last computer we had for everything: to search, to write, to do the job task, to do school homework, to print, etc. Until one day, I had SMS from my boss at Liberty Tax Service asking if I had desktop computer. I told her everything. She then gave me a reference to buy refurbished computer at EntireTech in Thorndale, PA. She already bought it for $135 + Tax (computer screen, hardware, keyboard, and mouse, including Windows 7 and 4 GB Memory). I was so excited hearing it. Enthusiastically, I told my husband and he agreed. We needed a desktop computer.

What we hoped became reality. Getting gift card from other family members as my birthday gift, we decided to use it to help buying refurbished computer. They only had two left desktop computers and all of them were 3-all-in-1. We bought it and I considered it as my birthday gift because I used my gift card. Take a look two pictures below. How we didn't love it? $135 + Tax. It includes keyboard, mouse, documentation, Windows 7, and 4 GB memory. Awesome! We all love it!
These were we got.
After my husband set them up at my office.
In the evening after buying refurbished computer, I got SMS from my boss/owner of Liberty Tax Service in Coatesville. She and other co-owner which was her boyfriend would give me a special  bonus. If I didn't accept it, I would get fired. (LOL!) She texted that bonus came from their hearts and it would not be money that I could help to pay the bills but something special for myself because my dreams were important for them.

Those SMS made me nervous. I thought what they were gonna give me? I had flash guessing but I worried to think about it because in my mind automatically appeared the word "Laptop". Oh no! They won't give that to me. Too much. That was what I thought.

The next day I stopped by at their office and she showed me what they got for me. My tears dropped down. My heart moved. She hugged me and said, "You deserve it, Fida. You have supported us and now it's our time to show our appreciation. I want you to realize your dream, writing books." Oh God, she didn't know if she was the first person who said that to me. It was very sweet moment. I was speechless.

From Best Buy in Downingtown, PA
Lenovo, Windows 10, brand new.
I had plenty of time exploring my new laptop this afternoon while writing my third short story.
I used it to search one character from new testament as the closing of my short story.
It comes with OneNote software and McAfee LifeSave Antivirus.
Cool, isn't it? I also can use this antivirus program for my Tablet for free.
Thank you Angela and Mark. You both have been chosen as the angels to make one of my dreams come true. I told my husband if it seemed God really wanted me to be a writer. He nodded, smiled, and said, "There you go!" (*)

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