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Sunday, January 19, 2014

INTRODUCTION: Two Soldiers of God

The idea to write about this introduction actually came last night when I was working. I would like to introduce two soldiers of God who I know well. What the reasons I would like to introduce them? The answer is because I would like to share my joy to have them as my friends. I consider them as two of my best friends in the USA. They both are several of some people who persistently support me in their prayers. I call them Soldiers of God because they have and use their special gun: PRAYER.  What a special thing about them: they don't only pray, but take action too. As like the real soldiers, their guns won't be useful if they never use them to shot the enemy.
1. Her name is YS/JL. She came to the USA couple years before me. She is
one of the persons who keeps bringing me in her prayer.
We frequently shared our concerns on the phone to support each other.
We used to end our conversation on the phone with one simple sentence: I will pray for you, either it was from her or me.
She is the one who prays for the temptations I was facing.

2. Her name is YH/YP. She came to the USA about eight years after me. She is one of the persons
who keeps bringing me in her prayer too, even ever sang on the phone when I was devastated because of loosing two family members in two months and 1 week.  She is the one who prays for my writing project besides other main things.
She used to write me: I will pray for you and I used to write her: We will support each other with our prayers.
I feel both of them have been prepared neatly by Him as I need support spiritually from friends that I have in trust while I'm far away from family, relatives, and best friends. As I believe wherever He wants me to go, He has had great plan already. He would prepare everything I need although not seldom I need to face very hard times during the process. But behind the process, He has been working and shaping the smooth road so I can walk easier for the future.
Thank you YS and YH for the friendship. My appreciation isn't enough to express my thank you, but I would like to share something that probably makes you smile.  When I see the first letter of your first name, which is "Y", it reminds me about someone who has name: Yesus Kristus (Jesus Christ). I feel  both of you are the representatives of His presence in my new life in the USA. 
You both may laugh or not, but honestly that what I feel. 
Thank you for being the Soldiers of God for me.(*) 
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