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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Picnic at Home (III)

Done doing my several tasks this morning and submitted an assignment, I continue to write the last post of Picnic at Home (III). I attached several pictures and videos here.  

Have a nice summer, everyone!

My youngest daughter hold her new craft she made. I helped her little bit to connect all parts and showed her how to brush the color using small paint brush.

A new bird house hanging at the front porch

My youngest daughter was guarding her new bird house

Five baby birds were resting on their nest on the roof of our front porch.  Are they cute? That was why I gave that craft gift to her.   
Several videos to show the birds at our front porch.

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I'm going to finish the second test of my last textbook this week. (Go go, Fida!) about 1 minute ago from web



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