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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Celebrations in One Post

Today is my 7th Blogging Anniversary and yesterday was my special day.  We went to Shady Maple Smorgasbord to celebrate my b-day.  I told my husband not to give me any presents but bring me to a new place where I haven't visited before.  My chosen place was Shady Maple.  We made it and had dinner there. The place is huge and beautiful.  
In the lobby
Getting ready to enjoy our dinner
My favorite food is baked chicken and short beef rib.  The crumbs of the chicken is so tasty and the meat is so tender.  It's same with the short beef rib.  I also tried five kinds of desserts.  I took very small amount for each of them except the mocha cake because it was already served on a small plate.
My plate and a bowl of soup
My little one said: "I was right.  I thought we were going to have a classy dinner."
As I got free dinner ticket as a gift for my B-day from Shady Maple, they also gave some other gifts: coupons 20% off for their gift store, quilt store, and farm market.  Because we didn't have much time, we just visited the gift store around 5 minutes and headed to go home.  

Going to Shady Maple gift store

Coming back from Shady Maple, I had to drive my little daughter to Girl Scouts meeting.  They had Valentines party by making craft and having snacks and juice.  I was little bit tired after all and decided not to go online for more than an hour at home. And what happened next, I got more surprises when we arrived:  two B-day cards and two books as B-day presents from my husband and my little one.
Today my plan is going to start to write chapter 7.  The book I'm writing now is the second book of the Enthusiasm Saga. If you haven't read its first book: Enthusiasm, you should visit this link to find out where you can get this book, either in printed or in e-book.
Below, it's just a flash example in the last paragraph of the first chapter, entitled: Unexpected Birthday Present.
"I still stayed in the master bedroom, and at that time, I saw a purple envelope on the corner table with a white birthday card I got from him several days before.  I opened it and read it again, every line of the poem.  Although he did not write it, at least he had chosen it to show his appreciation and love to me." (Then you will read a lovely and beautiful poem written by an anonymous and brought by G. Abbott) 
In the end of this post, I would like to thank all family and friends who had sent their wishes: Happy B-day.  I have missed one person who used to send me SMS or wrote an email, writing:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  It was from my late brother.  My heart sank in the sadness when we were on the road, going toward Shady Maple: thinking how much I miss him.  (***)
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What am I doing right now?
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Getting more a good response from an author who has read my book, Enthusiasm. What a blessing!
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MEcoy 5:33 PM  

that is so sweet and I love the place too... belated Happy birthday Fida... Cheers!

Fida Abbott 11:52 AM  

Hi Melvin (MEcoy),

What a surprise having a B-day wishes from a new blogger friend.
Thank you and have fun blogging.

Btw, are you related with Milton Coyne? He is my blogger buddy.


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