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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Duper Busy Mom

Coming back from work, I would face the sink in the kitchen full with dishes.  If my eyes still have more than 25 Watt, I can go online and check emails, blogs and yahoo group for fiction class to make sure all the students don't have late responses from me as a moderator or probably I read my textbook just for 30 minutes after washing the dishes and clean the kitchen.

In the morning I will accompany my little daughter waiting for school bus, then I will continue my daily activities, including work for 2 jobs.  I work for 7 days a week, including my online work.  If I work on Monday evening, then I won't be able to drive my little daughter go to Girl Scout meeting.  I can still communicate with her leader via email or SMS.

For this winter after Christmas, I'll be absent for church until the weather is not under 35 degree F.  For its substitute: I have several homework for my little one: reading her Bible Adventure every Sunday night and reading "Our Father In Heaven" prayer every night--when I'm at home before she goes to sleep. The goal is she is able to memorize it before she turns to 10 y.o.

The hardest part for my whole activities is when getting ready to submit the test.  Every textbook has three tests and my goal is to finish every textbook in three weeks so I can finish my school in 7 months.  It seems I have been late in three weeks from my schedule due of my brother and my father passed away.  I had the difficulty to concentrate for my study.  Even though I had read it slowly and carefully, I would end it with nothing to remember.  I ever tried it once very hardly and thanks God I passed with grade 95%.  I even could not imagine how I did it.  Maybe I had squeezed my brain at that time, hehehe...

My first Module

By the way, if you're Indonesians, like writing and would like to improve your writing skill, no matter you live in Indonesia or abroad, please take a look this special offering. We have had one of the students come from Germany.  Who will join next????

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